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    Death the Kid

    by , 06-21-2016 at 03:14 AM (273 Views)
    I mostly joined this forum just because of this dream. Basically this is how it went, what I first remember seeing is being held (Bridal Style) in Death the Kid's (DTK) arms I'm not exactly sure why but I assumed he caught me from a fall or something along the lines of that. Nobody else was around and we were in the very front of the DWMA (Death Weapon Meister Academy) He was blabbering inaudible words and had a VERY red face. The only thing I heard out of him was "I really like, wait, love you." And I could actually feel my face heat up. My mind went "Screw it" and I grabbed him by the back of the head and kissed him. Note that I have never been kissed before in my life and it actually felt like a kiss and It was amazing. The reason why I wanted to post this somewhere is that I have never been kissed before and by body simulated a kiss. Let me tell you that right after I woke up I nearly fell out of my bed reaching for my dream journal.
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    1. JadeGreen's Avatar
      Wow, you must have been really symmetrical.

      Only time I ever kissed a DC it went from amazing to french kissing a stray cat. Not doing that agian...
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