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    Saving a baby dolphin

    by , 02-04-2017 at 03:49 PM (394 Views)
    I'm standing in between of some fields. I immediately know that it is a dream. It's night and really dark. I close my eyes and want to make it brighter. When I close them I fall down in the snow. I stand up and open my eyes, its lighter now. I start walking. There are some mini metal dinosaur fighting in slow motion. Then I find a little dolphin lying in the snow. I bend down and pick it up. It has a hard time breathing. The dolphin is about 1m tall. I wanna bring it to the sea. But then I see a pool. When I come closer I see that it has ventilator blades at the ground. I think its to dangerous for the dolphin. Its day now. But the I see another pool, even bigger. In front of the pool are two whit baby elephants. I put the dolphin in the water. It recovers immediately. I sit down at the a wall which surrounds the pool and watch the dolphin swimming. I feel a trunk at my neck, gently touching my skin. The trunk rolls around my arm and lifts me up dips my in the water and pulls me out again. When I turn I see a big light gray elephant. I climb at his bag and hug him, feeling a deep connection.
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      That's very sweet!
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