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    TOTM Basic II succees

    by , 03-20-2017 at 12:09 PM (241 Views)
    I'm standing in front of a wall. There is a hole in the wall, like a window but no glass. The hole is cobwebbed and I try to clean it with a stick. After removing them all I see a lord of the rings being. A howl army of them appears. That makes me lucid. I'm flying to look for a city. Some skyscrapers appear and it looks like a really big city.I'm landing there at a street. Now it looks like my tiny home town. I cant find a busy street so I#m hovering around till I find the main street of my home tome. There are lots of cars. I take a little boy and help him to cross the street. He looks at me and saith in English "succeeded". I wonder what to do now. I decide to read a book. Next to me is the bookstore like in RL. I'm enter and pick a book. It's written in Spanish and capitals. It's something about water. I'm going to pick another one but than I woke up.

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