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    by , 07-11-2012 at 04:30 AM (414 Views)
    quite an interesting dream.
    Im talking with an archaeologist , a very pretty women, and shes holding a big ostrich like egg.
    She said that inside the egg laid one of the only 3 living dragons on earth. I asked her how did she get this egg?
    she said: im freinds with a great scientist, this man found a way to clone some dna found on a dragons bones. With this dna he was able to fertilize a chicken so that it would make the egg. After a couple of weeks the experiment was a sucess, the egg was growing inside the chicken but it came to a point that it was too big for the chickens organs, so the chicken had to be sacrificed . The egg grew in the laboratory and when it hatched, out came the worlds prettiest creature the first ever dragon. With the living creature the scientist cloned it twice, and thus thats why i have an egg.

    I was really amazed about the story and asked her where was the dragon, and how old was he?
    she didnt know... until we heard an explosion, i was in a third floor and had a good view of the city.
    The city was very similar to Stormwind,and we see a very large dragon, purple and with enormous wings, he spit fire non stop. It was like a killing machine, i quickly ran out of there and hurried home.

    On my way home some buildings fell and it was like seeing a terrorist attack, panic everywhere.
    Some lady came screaming outside, "dont worry its a goverments simulation its not real..:" i almost punched the poor old lady. when i got home i found everyone very normal, as if they hadnt heard anything but i yelled and stole a car, we left immediately to some house far away.. lame ending but i dont remember more =/ u.u

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    1. Camo's Avatar
      Creation of a Jurassic Park lol