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    Lucid and met my Angel, first DEILD

    by , 01-06-2013 at 11:04 AM (383 Views)
    Before I went to sleep I did my prayer to my guardian angel and asked for him to come in a dream.

    So last night I had 4 dreams I can recall.

    1)I'm with christian and his sister steph. We are in the states in a park , beside me is D. We looked so happy together, i could not forget her smile. She said "Hey the traffic light is red, we should wait".
    PS: there was no traffic light.

    -I'm pretty sure that this was a metaphor, she's my crush and I believe that the dream means to wait a bit, it still isn't our time and that when the moment comes we might be together.

    I wake up because I hear my dad waking up for work at 5 a.m, I try to dield but fail, next dream appears.

    2) I'm a pest exterminator, I'm with my co workers at a big house, we are in the back yard and we cut down a tree because it had a lot of bee hives. Everything was ok, we killed some bees on that tree and we went around the house to exit the place, when I saw a very shocking image. There were around 5 HUGE bee hives on the houses roof and anjother tree next to it and all of them had the biggest bees you could imagine, an adults finger size bees. We were only 3 and we panicked, inside the house there were dead cows. We could here our radio saying that the bees from this place ate the cows and they had 12 dead cows in there. I saw a bee from close up, it still creeps me to think about it, the bee was disgusting with cow blood on it, I got really scared cus they ate meat. , i woke up.

    3) I'm in the water with 3 other friends. We're swimming towards the shore when I see a huge shark come at us, I scream to swim faster, the shark ate a friend of mine. We swam fast , my other friend was in front of me and a shark swam past me to go eat him, the shark was about to bite him but I got him from the tail and threw him with super strength back to the deep ocean. We got to the shore and there was a baseball game going on. Barry bonds was up to hit the ball, there were 3 players on bases, if he made a homerun his team won. first try: strike, second: strike, third: (I imagined him hitting the ball so hard he made a record) and so he did, he hit a homerun like never before, his team won, i woke up.

    This time i remembered to Dield and it worked.
    4)I'm inside a van, next to me is my mom and i don't know who is driving. we passed by a park that had a public gym. We get to a restaurant and as i get of the car i tell my mom i'm dreaming, she calls me crazy and insane. I do a RC and yep i'm aware. At the entrance of the restaurant there is a huge muscular guy with a girl , he's yelling " whoever can kick my ass i'll pay them" so i told my mom to look at this, i tapped him on the shoulder and when he turned to look at me I punched him so hard i could feel how his nose went threww his skull.
    I started with my objective, and called out loud "Hey gabriel please come!! (gabriel is my angels name), I turned around and saw a boy coming up to me on his bycicle, he gets off his bike and comes to me, he had Ians face from Smosh
    (I'm sure he had this appearance to look friendly) ,I said:
    -Are you him?
    -he replied
    -Yes, i'm gabriel
    his brown hair started glowing and turned white and his eyes also glowed and turned white!, then he turned normal again.
    He proceeds talking about my dad, he said that my dad needs a lot of motivation and moral hel because of his job. In his current job everything happens to him, his car breaks down, he loses his papers, his boss is a dick, he barely sleeps 4 hours =/. I asked him
    -why does this happen to my dad?
    he said
    -it's his destiny.
    I was very shocked, that sucks... and then gabriel spots something in the distance, he says
    -don't be scared, don't panic
    There were 2 demons walking on the road and heading towards ud. The demons had red skin and a raptor like head. A third one appeared and they were getting closer. I said:
    -Gabriel this is freaking me out, I'm gonna wake up i can't see this.
    he said
    -no, don't be scared I got this.
    Gabriel went in front of me acting like a human shield, he started to do some movements with his hand (I thinks prayers), One demon dissapeard. The other two were more close and flew above us, I fell on the ground and gabriel went on top of me to cover me. I asked him
    -Hey this is a dream, can i call holy mary?
    he didn't reply because he was busy doing his things. I closed my eyes and at this point I was more scared. I yelled in my head for holy mary to appear, I opened my eyes and I was in a new dream scene.

    I WAS STILL DREAMING. In this new scene i had just woken up from the lucid I just had. I was layin on a bed and remembering the lucid dream that just happened and I was shocked. Then I woke up for real.

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