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    Lucky charm

    by , 07-22-2015 at 07:15 PM (204 Views)
    I woke up a 7:10 am and quickly went back to sleep and automatically entered a Ld.

    I was in a shopping mall and I remembered my mission and started looking for Gabriel. I screamed at the top of my lungs:
    - Gabriel, Where the fuck are you? I need answers.
    Then a random guy came towards me and asked me to follow him.

    Me: Who are you?
    Him: You know who I am.
    Me: Give me an answer to my life, I’m getting lost.
    Him: Right now, on your current life situation you have a problem. You want to make your mother happy, your father happy and yourself happy, all at the same time. You want to do these 3 things all at once, look into that.
    I was baffled by his comment, left me thinking.
    So he took me to a room where a very particular lady was. She had very long blue hair, white colored and reminded me of a small fairy.
    Him: This is your lucky charm. She follows you everywhere and there are only 16 of them in your world.
    Me: Where can I find you when I wake up? I asked her.
    Me: How can I contact you when I’m awake?
    No one answered ...
    Him: Alright, let me take you to a special place, hold my hands and we will travel.
    He started to open some kind of portal and the room went black,

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