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    White house with d

    by , 03-22-2015 at 06:40 PM (218 Views)
    The dream starts of with me looking at an old photograph of the white house and its perimeter. I'm inside the white house and I'm on a tour of it. The tour guide said it was estimated to be worth at 126m, but I didn't agree, I thought it was over 2 billion.
    Guess what, next to me is D. After the tour we have a break while the guide is getting our lunch. The photographer that is with us is a freind of D, a 40+ big women. This lady said that she loved photographing D because she came out gorgeous and that she's being doing it for like 4 years. She then offered me to see the album.

    Some very "interesting" photos of D were there, on one photo it was her with a guy, and another gentlemen was on the background. The lady said:
    - That's D with her boyfriend while her husband is on the background
    D replied:
    - Well... i wasn't happy with my husband of the time, and that relationship with my boyfriend didn't work either.
    She stared at me with so much determination in her eyes and said:
    - Don't worry, I'll get you out of there, trust me.

    I heard this and part of me wanted to cry, so many feels, such a heart warming moment.
    The lunch arrived and we ate, it was a very elegant plate with snails to eat...

    We returned to a little camp fire outside, I sat down and she laid on my knees. Continuing the conversation;
    i said:
    - But d, times have changed, you have changed.
    - You are living in the past, this is the old you, who knows what you think now about this... tell me whats the current date.
    It's march 2010 - she smiled.
    A tear fell off my right eye,
    - D... it's march 2015
    You could see her startled face, like if she had no idea and someone told her she had cancer.
    she said,
    I'm so sorry
    I hugged her so hard, I knew she was saying the truth. I put so much emotion on that hug that I woke up

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