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    1. tournament, popsicle box hall

      by , 02-11-2024 at 08:18 PM
      I was in a crowd of people, there were two in the center doing something I couldn't quite see. Some guy with uncannilly cubed teeth blocks my view and asks me what I think of the tournament. I tell him I have no idea what they're doing. I feel a pain on the bottom of my foot, he is pinching it with a single chopstick. He then lets go and gives me a pair and tells me nobody will suspect they're weapons.

      I am walking down a hall littered with boxes, mostly popsicle boxes. I kind of want to eat one, but I don't.
    2. tried to get burger king, stole car

      by , 02-09-2024 at 05:19 AM
      I was at some sort of event, I was at a counter where blocky things that vaguely resembled SNES's were being sold. They had purple, black, and blue. I was disappointed there was no orange, so I grabbed a blue and started walking away.

      I was in my father's truck, he had told me to pick up some burgers or something. I had to pull up the seat and adjust the height because he's the size of a gorilla, anyways I back up, and speed around a small gas station like building with a burger king sign. I park outside and enter, there's some chairs and a table. I end up in a grocery store like section. There's some lettuce and a couple tomato slices just sitting on the shelf. I think it's convenient and take a couple bites, its messy as hell and I am somehow covered head to toe in juice. I toss my clothes on the floor and walk into the clothing section, I'm hoping the employees don't catch me naked, so I steal a pair of camouflage pajama pants and struggle to put them on.

      Me and some other guy are eaten by some giant monster, there is a room inside it, I catch one of the several strings attached to the ceiling and watch his shoe disappear into the darkness below. I see 3 doors, one has a green sign above it which says exit. Another has a red exit sign, and the last one has a blue sign above it which says not exit. I swing across the strings like a monkey until I reach the red door. I open in, and I get a view of a parking lot and some bushes. I'm about 10 feet off the ground, but I think the bushes will help break my fall a bit. I jump into them and miss a little bit, my butt slams into the asphalt, and my shoulders land in the bushes. I get up and start walking around [COLOR="#0088000"]I think the fall should have hurt a bit more, I remember that I wanted to steal a car. I see a maroon one with the door wide open, I'm about to hop in, but I think that they left their door open for me, so it doesn't count as stealing. I find a nice white one and try to phase through the door. I fail, so I just open it. I tell myself that it doesn't need keys to work so I don't have to look for them. I examine it a bit, where the radio should be, there's a blue button with a G on it. In the back seat there's a small instrument which looks like a ukulele, but the body's square, and it lacks a sound hole. I pull it out, and pluck a string as I run my finger up the fretboard. It has 7 frets and a higher sound than a uke. I toss it back, and push the brake and G. The car starts, I slam the gas to the floor and swerve right. There's a small group of people and one of them is in my way, unfortunately he dodges just in time. I remember that I was supposed to get something from the gas station, I leave the lot, and go down an empty highway with several curves and a bunch of tan walls around me. I end up is some other building, there's a small crowd, and in the center there's an old lady making her crusty white dog stand on an upside down metal bucket while she showers him with a hose. Some other lady is squatting a foot away acting like it's the cutest thing she's ever seen while the water runs off the bucket and soaks the carpet under her shoes. I go have a closer look, and I sit on the carpet, the old lady asks me how I feel about her dog. I'm trying to think of a response, when my father comes out of nowhere and asks me to give my mother's shorts back. [/COLOR]
    3. almost fell down stairs, met santa claus

      by , 02-07-2024 at 09:52 PM
      I was on the top floor of some sort of indoor skyscraper. There was a sign with rules for people who wanted to go down, so I barley glanced at it and started walking down the stairs. I walk down a flight, everything's hunky dory until I start going down this one section, and one of the stairs crumples under my weight. I lose my balance for a second, but I'm holding onto the rail, so I step onto the trim that's on the wall, and make my way down like that. I turn around, and see Santa Claus stepping out of a square shaped hole in the wall. He looks at me and asks "Why didn't you follow the rules?" 'I didn't even look at them.' was the best response I could think of. He walks away like he's disappointed in me.
      Tags: christmas
    4. water park place

      by , 02-07-2024 at 04:49 AM
      I was listening to some youtube video where a guy tells someone else's scary experience at a convention.

      I was going down a lazy river with my mother. I felt the floor scrape my butt so we got out and walked along it. It got a bit deeper later, but we kept walking. We then get to a ramp, she points out some frog coins and I grab them. [COLOR="#008000"]I feel the dream fade, I try telling her to come get me when my WILDs succeed, it completely faded before I got her response.[/COLOR]
      lucid , non-lucid
    5. saw cousin and giant wave lakes

      by , 02-06-2024 at 04:20 AM
      My cousin L and I were making our way into a house because my father had made a bonfire. I opened a drawer and grabbed a bag of mini marshmallows. She told me not to use the mini ones, so I found a bag that had regular sized ones mixed in and started picking them out. I noticed she was gone, so I went into the kitchen. She had a bottle of wine so I took it from her, I had a sip and poured into a pot on the stove. I was then in the backseat of the car, I watched pretty green trees go by, 'I wish my place had trees.' L asked me"Doesn't [name of the town I'm moving to] have trees?" I saw a couple trees covered in pink flowers 'Yeah, but not cherry blossoms'. I stared out the window, the strip of land we were on was getting narrower on both sides, the lake around us had giant waves. I told my father to stop the car and he did. I had a bathing suit under my normal clothes so I took them off and grabbed the towel that was next to me. I opened the door, and was about to step onto the ground.
      Tags: car, lake, relatives
    6. loud floor, store zombies

      by , 02-04-2024 at 07:23 PM
      I was walking up some dark empty street with beige brick buildings. I'm then in a room with my father. There are two king sized beds, I start walking to claim the one in the corner, and the floor booms like I'm stomping. He scolds me, saying that there are people trying to sleep below us. I try tiptoeing to the bed, and it still sounds like I'm stomping.

      I am telepathically controlling some sort of saw blade. I make it fall down next to a rock pole. I move it so it comes into contact with silver coins, I miss one so it starts falling up, and I get the coin this time. I see a wooden triangle with a large H at the bottom I pass it, and go back down to cut into the H. I miss the H somehow, so I cut through the pole, and cut into another triangle with a G in it, and I manage to get it this time. I am then falling down next to the pole. I land on some ground, I have a rifle, I see a yellow fish swimming above me, so I try to shoot it. I miss, but a voice tells me about the scope. I look down it and get a pinhole view of whatever I'm about to shoot. I aim at some distant corral, I take some time to adjust the scope, but I finally focus on a clown fish and manage to shoot it. I somehow end up in some sort of store, there are people walking around, they look super zoned out. One staggers towards me and I realize they're zombies, I look down the scope which now has a wider view, and I shoot him. I make my way past the cash register while shooting several others, and I'm almost to some storage room. A woman jumps out, and I try to shoot, but I'm out of bullets. There's a stapler on the bottom of my gun, but I don't think it would do much, so I run into a bathroom, it has one door which successfully locks, but the other door right next to it doesn't, so I run into a room labeled cold storage. It's another bathroom of course, and there's no lock, the woman is probably about here now, so I decide to hide. I notice Mario in a stall so I join him, I hear the door, and see the woman, and she starts talking to us, she's actually not a zombie, and she's going to help us fight them. She leads us to a shelf full of stuff, we all grab wooden canes. I notice Mario's not next to me so I look around for him and see him at the urinal. I'm Luigi so I start using the one 2 away from him. He says something I didn't really hear, I realize one of my legs is in the urinal, and it's soaked up to the ankle. He then asks why I'm just standing there, I get annoyed because I'm not just standing there, so I turn to him and aim for the face. I ask "DO YOU SEE ME JUST 'STANDING HERE'?" He calmly says "Yes." like he's in a completely different universe where I'm not some crazy guy peeing in his face. I pack it away, and start walking to the door. [COLOR="#EE82EE"]I'm in a bed, my breathing sounds a little weird, I think that the zombies will see me if I move. I decide to make a run for it, it took a lot of effort, but I pushed the blankets off and sat up. [/COLOR]
    7. malice korok and skeleton things

      by , 02-03-2024 at 08:18 PM
      I was in 3rd person but also a blue korok covered in malice slime paragliding onto a rock. I landed and some dialogue bubble popped up. next thing I know I'm link and there's some skeleton creatures I don't recognize, they run at me and swing their swords. I kill them and take their stuff.
      Tags: video games
    8. stole booze, parking garage tunnels

      by , 01-30-2024 at 06:51 AM
      I was in the garage, I snatched some brown liquid which may have been booze off the ugly plywood shelf. one of my parents waled in the room so I hid the bottle behind my back and pretended I was about to do the dishes.

      I walked past a hot tub or pool, there were some people talking. I didn't feel like joining them so I walked into an area which resembled an underground parking garage. I was then walking in a large tunnel, like one a highway would go through. There were a bunch of people around me, most looked normal but there were more bums than you'd see in the average crowd. I saw some people in white aprons run into a wide hall. i followed them, they scooped noodles and chicken and a bunch of other chinese looking foods into plastic containers which they took to their stand in the middle of the main hall, so they could be sold for 3 bucks.I walked along more and saw an area with a few cars and some dirt bikes. I got into the back seat of a car, and a man outside gave the guy next to me money. I forgot who started it but we were suddenly fighting, the guy next to me was being strangled by the one outside, and the one in front was elbowing me. I then left the car and continued down the tunnel which led me into a whole foods. I walk back and now the chinese food stand has switched to sushi. I keep walking, I end up in a smaller room with a lot of clutter.
    9. unaging fusion machine

      by , 01-28-2024 at 07:45 PM
      I get sucked into a front loading washing machine where I am fused with Bender. I fly out with my new cyborg arm fans and land. I then wonder what I have done, I feel like my life has went by too fast. I then look at the machine again, I think that maybe if I enter it again I can get 28 years and 9 days back, but I wonder what I will be fused with this time. I go back in, and am unfused from Bender and some fast food sign.
    10. Kept forgetting wallet, death dates and causes

      by , 01-23-2024 at 06:52 PM
      I was in some busy street, there was some asain restaurant. I entered, there were several people with sushi on their plates. I checked my wallet to be sure it was there, it wasn't, so I left the store. I walked down the street a bit and then forgot what I left the store for. I reentered and remembered that I left cause I forgot my wallet. I was really embarrassed so I grabbed a straw and a pack of chopsticks off the front desk and left.

      [COLOR="#008000"]I got out of bed, I felt weightless, but I was really short for some reason. I walked outside and noticed that I returned to normal size. I started digging in one place to get under the house but I wasn't making much progress. I went to a part with a different dirt type and started digging. I accidentally broke off a piece of the wall. It had soggy plywood boards and fiberglass. I stopped cause it felt gross, I then remembered that I wanted to go down the street to see if it would be like the last time. I walked down my driveway. I looked to the east, the sky brain was gone. I looked forward and in the distance there were several tall buildings that resembled the Washington monument. I went down the street, I passed some houses, there was a metal gate in my way so I just walked through it. There were some cars, and I could see some buildings, to the south was a brown square building with red cloth draped on the exterior. To the north was a big hotel and a smaller hotel. I walked to the large hotel and entered. I slipped into the elevator and accidentally pushed all the buttons, so I pushed a button that deselected them. There was a man in there with me. He asked for a name, I was stunned because I had a sense that I was trespassing."E?" he asked, 'Ethan.' I then smacked my face because I definitely do not look like an Ethan. He that said the name of my favorite cousin, and the elevator moved up. I walked into the hallway, there was a room across from the elevator with the door open. I entered and I recognized some of my cousin's friends. She sat at a table, I greeted her with a hug and she said something and I said something about it being a dream, and she tells me "It's a world now because you've been here so long." we move to a couch, she closes her eyes and slows her breathing. I hear three pings like the ones from assassins creed, she gives a date "(i forgot)/24/24, I will die a horrible death from a firebomb." I copy her movements, I don't hear the pings, but I feel them in my mind, I have a hard time making it out but I think I see the words '11 MST burger' I then open my eyes. My parents have joined me and we start a conversation about something, I notice my 3ds is flashing red so I get up to grab a charger my mother screams something about me being addicted to games and grabs at me. Everyone is now pissed off so I sit in a chair, stare at the wall, and remind myself not to let a dream character make me too mad. I am staring into the wall when something catches my attention. An army or something is blowing up the stairs. I run past the stairwell, there's an explosion, I go into a room and hide under the stove. I notice that there's no wall behind it. I crawl under it, and I walk under all the shelves into a secret room. A man dressed as Luigi jumps into a pipe, I try to jump in after him, but I land wrong. I get up and some guy shows up, and a bunch of zelda dialogue bubbles pop up with too many words to read as the dream fades. [/COLOR]
    11. CN14- inturepted game, brought possum into the car

      by , 01-21-2024 at 07:02 AM
      I was in some sort of store, climbing around on the shelves. There were some people racing life sized model cars around a track, so I jumped on to see if the cars'd stop. They didn't so I Jumped off and looked behind me where a bomb went off.

      I was walking through the parking lot in the middle of the night, someones following me. I clutch the possum I'm carrying closer to my body. I get to the car and set it down in the back seat, my follower gets close to me and we start some conversation while the possum which I thought was dead convulses.

      I was in my backyard also in the middle of the night. I used telekenisis to pick myself up, it worked for a few seconds, then I fell back to the ground. I picked myself up again, when I slipped out of my telekenitic butter fingers again I managed to catch myself and lift myself up, but I was at a wierd angle and everything was going black for some reason. [COLOR="#EE82EE"]I felt my body in my bed and wondered how the hell I didn't become lucid while I scribbled everything down.

      compo total-72[/COLOR]
    12. CN13- sky lights, filthy bathroom, tree mission, etc

      by , 01-20-2024 at 03:55 AM
      I was on some floating platform with my father, a sheet of ice I think. There were some of those pretty aura things in the sky and he was pointing them out to me, but I fell off the ice. It had drifted away a bit so I started swimming for it. I noticed my boots were really loose on my feet, one of them fell off, but it floated up to the surface. I grabbed it and thought about how awesome it was.

      I was in some sort of hotel like place, I went into a room which turned out to be a bathroom. I was assaulted by a piss smell so strong I almost fell over. I looked at the floor, it was plain cement almost completely covered with puddles, some fresh, most had dried into a crust. My father just walked in and used it like normal, I hesitantly walked into the room. My foot slipped forward and I fell on my back. The only thing worse than the liquid soaking my whole back was the crust I could feel with my hands, it was sticky and oily. I got up and started going to the sink to rinse out my clothes.

      I was in a dark warehouse like building, there was a hole in the ceiling and a few feet of water on the floor. I was on a sort of mission, I had to go into a room. I felt a slight sense of danger so I went under the surface and hid behind a box. I watched around the corner, and when I decided it was safe I made my way to the hall. It had a warm relaxing lighting and a luxurious red carpet. There were a couple robots at the end guarding a plastic door like the ones in the back of a grocery store. I was trying to come up with some complicated plan to get past them, and I decided to just make a run for it. I ran down the hall, they didn't shoot, but there was another set of doors to my left so I dove in. I then saw a giant ball fall and start rolling towards me. Fortunately there was a cement pole thing like the ones in front of walmart, so I flattened myself behind it and the ball rolled past me. I went back into the hall and just walked into the main doors. I walked down a giant mansion room. I then realized I passed my target. I pulled up a map of the room. I was a pink arrow and there were a bunch of yellow dots behind me, one smaller than the others. I walked back to look for who it could be, I noticed a ring of light on the ground. I stepped on it, and trees sprouted out of the floor which I thought I was measuring for some reason, I then saw pillars of light flash over them once.

      I was in a suburb with red rocky mountains in the distance. There was a small boy with me and he started playing with a wolf, so some guy with a clipboard started scribbling things down and muttering to himself. I looked at one of the mountains which had a bunch of houses carved into it and tried to remember when I had seen it before. I came to the conclusion that it was one of the mountains on the road to flagstaff. There was a helicopter noise, I looked behind me and there was a white and red helicopter, but it looked wrong, It was more rectangular than it should have been, and a lot of the parts looked like inflatable pool toys. I was right, as it touched the ground, the helicopter parts deflated and disappeared, leaving some camo print rv. I went to investigate, the back was open and there was some middle aged guy with a bunch of kids lined up in the vehicle. He cheerfully greeted me,"I got ten drunk kids in here!" I decided that the best response was 'Make that eleven!' and I walked into the back and he handed me what appeared to be a white gatorade. I forgot about my drink and punched the ceiling in excitement, leaving a small dent. He told me I'd get something special if I did some real damage, so I punched harder and left a hole. I was then standing in the center, and water pushed me up like some sort of park ride. I failed to punch the ceiling a third time, and was then slowly let to the ground. I then stood in a group at the back and watched another kid get shoved into the air. I walked outside where they had two picnic tables. There was a bunch of food on them, I saw a box of french fries, so I grabbed one and the bottom was covered in black grease. After I ate the worst fry of my life, I walked to the other side of the table and started eating off a plate that had refried beans and some green stuff I assumed was spinich. My grandfather sat next to me and we started a conversation on some service or something to do with housing and why it wasn't communism.

      total -5
      comp total-69.5[/COLOR]
    13. CN12- two story kennel, another mario level

      by , 01-19-2024 at 04:16 AM
      I was in my hallway, I could see my dogs in their kennel which had two floors for some reason. I wanted to stay in the top floor for a night to see what it was like for them.

      I was making the orange princess jump up some bouncy cloud things, I tried to grab a mushroom but it slid off the edge of the platform.

      I was at a table, there was a black bag in front of me so I dumped it out. There were a bunch of puzzle pieces that looked black, I started looking for corners and edges, and the corners were connected together in the middle of the pile. I picked them up, and I realized they had holographic images of pokemon on them, there was a mudkip, a tepig, and some other pokemon I can't remember.

      comp total-62.5[/COLOR]
    14. CN11- nursery visit, saved cats

      by , 01-18-2024 at 08:30 AM
      I was at the nursery owned by my father's friend, who will be called A. I was in this back section where there was a brick wall on one side and a large amount of thick shrubs down the other, my favorite thing to do here was to run around naked of course. I hung my clothes on the shelf behind me, and then I ran up and down the isle a few times, I heard my father from the other side of the shrubs tell me we had to leave soon, so I ran to that side of the isle, and A was there with another customer. I grabbed my shorts and struggled to figure out how to put them on for like a minute, A looked away and gave the most disappointed sigh I've ever heard. I dreaded the lecture I would receive as I finally stomped into my shorts. I put my shirt on, and I had a feeling that my father had already drove off. I was suddenly in a shoe store kind of listening to him rant, "Nudity is like candy, you can't have too much or you'll get diabetes." I gave him several mhms and was sure to mix some yeahs and ok's in there as I completely stopped listening. We then exit the shop, walk down some fancy stairs, and make our way to the car.

      I was in a vets office, he looked at my kitten Pandrea for two seconds and started drawing on a white board. He drew a bladder with kidneys, and a beehive. He pointed to the organs and told me that she has a fatal kidney disease which can only be treated by honey, which he doesn't have. Me and my father are suddenly by a brick wall in the middle of the night, a coyote snatches Pandrea from my hands and jumps over the wall. He tells me that she's dead now, there's nothing I can do, but I jump over the fence, the coyote is so scared that it drops her and runs away. I pick her up, there's several more cats beneath her, many are gray, and some are also black like her so I can't be completely sure which one she is. I take them all over the fence, there's one black kitten that looks like it's about to die so we assume it's her. My father places her in a rabbit hutch and pours cold water on her body. I was afraid that she would become too cold, but the it appears to be healing her.

      comp total-59[/COLOR]
    15. CN10- speeder, wild? and chocolate milk fire extinguisher

      by , 01-17-2024 at 12:51 AM
      I was walking around near the road in the middle of the night. A car sped past me, missing me by a few feet. I remembered hearing about this guy that speeds and smokes weed or something, so I start running back to my house. I'm about to climb over my fence, I hear his car coming back around the block, I see his headlights.

      [COLOR="#008000"]I am suddenly aware of myself falling out of my body and pooling on the floor like a liquid. I relax and let it happen, when I'm completely out I open my eyes. I can't remember that I'm in a competition or tell that my furniture arrangement is completely off, but I can see in a level of light where I normally can't. I walk past a chair and into my hall. I turn to the living room, something red and cylindrical catches my eye. It's a fire extinguisher, I plug my nose to make a thousand percent sure I'm in a dream cause I'm about to make one hell of a mess. I hold the can, It's weightless, and there's a black handle/spout like on a spray bottle. I pull the trigger and white foam shoots out and all over everything like elephant toothpaste but with more pressure. I empty the can, look around and feel glad my father's not here. I unscrew the spout and look inside. There is a small amount of liquid at the bottom which tastes like chocolate milk. [/COLOR]

      comp total-55[/COLOR]
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