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    Wearing a Ski Mask in the mirror

    by , 12-18-2013 at 09:54 AM (457 Views)
    Just had an WILD OBE, itís 3:29 AM. I woke up in the middle of the night without an alarm, I was really hot and was trying to get comfortable. I found myself laying on my back and I accidentally exposed my left leg and knee to the air. Normally I would have pulled it in, got comfortable, and went back to sleep but I kinda liked the cool air and I thought I could simply try to OBE right there. Why not.

    So I left my leg out, stayed still on my back. It came easily this time, I fell back ďasleepĒ quickly and I noticed the vibrations come on. I initially tried to exit and I was starring up and out at my door and sort of felt the fear of a night terror! But it was mostly a panicky and hurried feeling of trying to separate. But then I told myself to just gently be still and live with it.

    I felt the buzzing vibrations shoot all through my body this time. It was kind of cool. I remember hearing someone say they loved the feeling and I kinda did too. As I sat there with the vibrations, I attempted to separate a couple times, nothing really worked. But suddenly one did, I felt like I sat up and did kind of a hop out of bed. I was ďstandingĒ beside my bed this time.

    I decided to run out into the hall way, I felt hurried in this state because I didnít want to faze back to the physical. I started running down the hallway and stopped. I forgot, I wanted to look in the mirror again!

    I turned and went to go into the bathroom and someone was in there already, crap. Oh it was just our old intern Nate standing in front of the mirror. I decided it was ok so I popped my head in really fast and looked into the mirror myself.

    It was weird, I saw me and Nate in the mirror, but I had a ski mask on! And behind it where my eyes and mouth were I was invisible! It was odd because I was in such a hurried state that I was going really fast and I was kind of yelling all scary like in the mirror. It was freaking Nate out!

    It occurred to me to try to get a picture. So I hurried and got my iPhone out and tried to snap a photo of me and Nate. It was cool I thought for sure this would make me phase back to physical. But it didnít. I stayed lucid. I took a few shots with my iPhone and I took off my ski mask and my face seemed more normal. Kind of melty though.

    I took a few more pics of us this time without the ski mask. Then I realized it occurred to me that it was no longer Nate I was with, it was Kim! She and I were having fun trying to take pics together. First I tried to take the pic selfie style in the mirror, then I tried holding the camera out. I couldnít really get that great of a pic, it was dark.

    I thought the pics would somehow exist after the OBE, but they didnít. I checked.

    Anyway, after we took pics, Kim and I went into the living room and it was all decorated crazily. There were thing white sheets up in the doorways, streamers, and decorations everywhere for Christmas. And presents everywhere! Except they were in the kitchen!

    It occurred to me that Kim was up all night decorating for Christmas and this was Christmas morning. Sweet. There were even some presents scattered around the house. I was impressed!

    I canít remember much after that, I think I started getting fuzzy and then thought it was ok to come back to physical. So I did.

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