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    Game Show

    by , 04-11-2012 at 02:01 PM (232 Views)
    I am taking part in a game show! *The first challenge is for the strong contestants do I'm sitting out. *The goal is to climb as high as you can in a room after a certain amount of time that nobody knows. *I watch a girl who is having a hard time climbing. *The others are very high up already as if there was a cargo net on the walls. *Suddenly it's time. *All the results show up on my screen. *The girl tied with the other team's girl contestant, and the 2 males on each team scored higher but somehow tied in pairs of 2! *There must have been ledges on the walls to grab on to.
    Now it's time for the second event. *I watch a few contestants in costumes tumble out of a hole in the wall into the big room. *This event is all about acting out a word while in costume. *That team acted out falling well.
    I meet my team. *3 girls and N... who will be capturing our performance on his computer for the judges. *Everyone is picking a costume. *N pulls me aside. *"Be sure to win the strange 9 pipe problem" he whispers, pointing at the best prize on the computer screen. *I nod. *Every contestant who participates wins a random prize, and I'm feeling lucky.
    I walk back to my team practicing in costume. *Our word is "frictionless" and we are stuck trying to figure out how to act it out. *One girl points out that all their costumes are from a Mexican TV show. *They start talking to each other in Spanish, giggling.
    I walk over to the last remaining costume and pick it up. *It's Pluto, you know, Mickey Mouse's dog. *Giggles turn into laughs. *They all think it's funny that I got that costume. *N isn't laughing. I walk over to him while putting my right arm in the costume. *He points to a piece of paper on the desk. *It's some art by me. *I have given some to N before but I wouldn't give him that. *He assures its for good luck, we will need it. *I start putting my left arm in the costume. *The costume is too tight, I can't fit my arm back in the arm hole. *I force it harder and harder. *I look at the paper. *Written on top in N's handwriting it says "Good luck getting the costume on x3". *Suddenly I wake up.

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