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    Lucid #5 - Very vivid

    by , 12-01-2012 at 05:04 PM (302 Views)
    I had a lucid dream last night, my 5th! This one was the first one vivid enough to actually write about. It was short, but sweet. And I think I've broken a long dry spell after attempting to get back into LDing!

    I was in one of my classrooms, at a desk. I looked around for a while, bored. I decided to idly nose RC. I do that often in real school. I found that I was breathing through my held nose. It felt like my nose was running, but I could still breathe. I looked down and tried to count my fingers, losing count multiple times. I got pretty excited. I looked around the room again. I have never had a dream this vivid. The entire thing felt completely real. It was so bright, too. I was surprised. All I can remember that was out of the ordinary was that my teacher was not the right teacher for the class I was in, and a thin, faded black border around the edge of my vision. I got out of my chair, thinking of what to do. I walked over to my teacher, holding my nose harder to confirm that it was a dream. I was going to slap him in the face just for fun, but wasn't confident enough. I turned around and walked to the classroom door, thinking of what to do. I told myself that my friend was just outside the door. When I opened the door, my friend wasn't there, and some visual distortions and purplish-blue spots faded in and out of my vision-something that happens when my dreams collapse. I stopped thinking and they slowly stopped. I walked down the hall, finally remembering I should stabilize the LD. I was pretty excited at that point that i was able to stop the distortions. I walked to one side of the hall to rub my hand on the wall, hoping to stabilize the dream, but that is all I remember.

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