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    Macros and Minecraft

    by , 04-11-2012 at 02:03 PM (300 Views)
    I'm browsing YouTube. *I see a video about changing height in dreams. *I click it and scroll down to see the comments like every time I watch a video in reality. *The two top comments are nearly identical. *"Eat apples, they help you grow taller!". "Use apples so you can be millennium size o3o"
    I don't watch the video. *I move on to the next related video.
    It's a minecraft texture pack work in progress video. *The texture pack has multiple textures for every block that swap out randomly for every individual block do it doesn't look tiled. *I watch as the creator shows the grass first in his small showroom cave. *Then he passes by a wall of all the other blocks until he reaches the end. *He then says that the pack is a WIP because of the next blocks. *"I've applied the same technique to red stone as well" he says, walking by a flashing red stone contraption. *"and here's glass". *He stops at a large chunk of glass. *I observe that the texture pack is very red in general hue. *(dreams ARE in color! ) The video makes me want to play minecraft. *I close out YouTube and open up minecraft.
    I spawn in my world, in a cave looking for resources. *I walk forward a ways. *It becomes apparent that gradually I am actually living in the world of minecraft, not typing away at a keyboard. *I suddenly see a creeper. *Oh crap! *I stand still in shock as it slowly walks toward me. *I *regain my senses and stumble backward slowly. *It catches up. *I instinctively step on its foot nearest me. *It makes a crunch noise and I suddenly wake up.

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