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    Weird Neighbors

    by , 04-14-2012 at 03:04 PM (331 Views)
    I'm watching a prank TV show called "Weird Neighbors". *The pranksters have set up a mudkip impression booth at the entrance to the local library, where they meet everyone who comes in with a horrible moaning noise right in their face, then try to charge them money for the impression. *The next prank is the finale of the show. *The squad stands at the side of a country back road, signaling for a ride from passing cars. *An old blue pickup truck with two old farmers riding pulls up. *The squad of pranksters thanks them and gets in. *It's not long before one of them acts very sick and exclaims he needs to take a dump. *Unfortunately they are in the middle of nowhere so the farmers stop and hand him an egg carton. *He walks away, acts like dumping in the carton, and then starts running back holding the carton limply and pinching his nose. *Right when he reaches the farmers he trips and they nearly have a heart attack. *Its the end of the show, I wake up.

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