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    04.03.13 - Massive Zombie Horde

    by , 03-04-2013 at 06:32 PM (671 Views)
    Total sleep: 7 hours
    Daytime Techniques: RC’s
    Lucid Techniques: N/A
    Recall Techniques: DJ
    Fell Asleep: 5.30am

    Dream Title: Massive zombie horde
    Its day time and I am walking along some grass. To my left, which for some reason is the way I am facing, is a red brick wall. As I pass an Army truck someone - I’m not sure who – appears next to me. They hold up part of a corpse as we continue to walk, and it is quite bloody. I stop and turn around, pulling a weird face.

    “What the hell is that?”

    “We can take it and use it as food, because no-one seems to like deer, and it’ll help instead of cereal.”

    “Oh, good point.”

    There is a time skip, and now it is completely dark, like we are in the middle of a field somewhere. Groups of people are stood in the backs on large trucks, and behind us I can see lights shining on the floor around the building that looks like a pretty strong compound. I have no idea why everyone isn’t inside it, it looks quite safe. The trucks are also parked inside a mesh fence, and the drivers have really strong torches. It is extremely cold, and I can see the water vapour coming out of people’s mouths when they breathe.

    Anyway, we all hear a noise, and turn around. As far as we can see (Which isn't that far because it's REALLY dark…), there are bodies. Hundreds of thousands of them are lit up but the moon that magically appears behind them, and the strong torches pick out the details of the closer ones. Their purple skin seems to almost glow in the light. So they begin to push as hard as against the fence. Obviously, the hundreds of thousands of bodies managed to easily get through the mesh fence. Realizing that a massacre was about to take place, I quickly vaulted over the side of the truck and hit the floor. My vision zoomed in on an electric fence at the other side of the compound, but there was a hole in it. I started running towards it, and as I got closer, the hole got bigger. There were also every few zombies around this side. As I got to the fence, I jumped, curled myself into a ball and jumped through the hole. I hit the floor and rolled, coming to my feet with a rod of metal in my hand. I must’ve got it from the hole, but I hit a zombie with it and it does some serious damage.

    Looking back, I notice a small building just back inside. It would only be a few metres width and length. Deciding to check it out, I step back inside and go into the building. When I get inside, there is a faint purple glow, and the surfaces of every area in it are like a white metal. Through a hole in the wall, I see a girl from my school, holding out her hand. I know I have to help her, but at that moment, my head teacher walks in. He looks like of zombie-ish and he walks really slowly, but somehow the girl and the hole manage to disappear. He doesn’t spot me either.
    The dream ends here because I was woken by my parents.

    Awake: 6.45am
    Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) 12/15 it was mega vivid. The light shining over the horde in the middle of the night, and generally the graphics of the whole dream were amazing
    Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) 2/10
    Length: (how long it felt like) 10 minutes
    Emotions: I didn’t feel much in this dream, apart from being really cold, and having a kind of adrenaline rush when I jumped through the hole in the electric fence.
    Dream Signs/tags: corpse, zombies, purple, vivid
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    non-lucid , memorable


    1. MysticalDipshit's Avatar
      That DC in this dream made a lot of sense at the time. Now I see he's not exactly the smartest one out there...