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    10.03.13 - Rescuing Vinnie

    by , 03-10-2013 at 11:15 PM (522 Views)
    Total sleep: 9 hours
    Daytime Techniques: RC’s, SH
    Lucid Techniques: N/A
    Recall Techniques: DJ
    Fell Asleep: 6ish? Not really sure

    Dream Title: Rescuing Vinnie

    I am searching all around my house for something or someone. My whole vision seems to be tainted somehow, like the shadows of everything are more emphasized. I know my parents have hidden the thing I am looking for, and often while I am looking for it, I see them stood extremely still at the side of the room, or in random places. Most of the time they seem to be either staring at the floor or straight at me. Another thing that is really weird is that the house feels a lot bigger, so it’s harder to find what I am looking for. It’s annoying that I have to look in every space that there is a spare cm because it seems to be taking a while.

    I am walking down a corridor, and I know the half open door at the end leads to a swimming pool. Suddenly, I see them coming out of a door to the left just before it. A man has his arm around the person I’m looking for’s throat. I can’t tell if it is a man or a woman. Quickly, the man bursts through the door behind him, and I sprint to catch up. When I enter the swimming pool room, I look left, and see he is heading for the exit diagonally across to the left of where I am. Suddenly, an announcement is made.

    “Attention all customers, rusty screws are now available on the floor.”

    I see this as my chance and dive forward into the water. At the other side or 2 small people, dressed like something that reminds me of a Japanese clown. My dive has taken me half way across the pool (Width) already, and with a couple of strokes, I get to the side. With a jump, I grab the closest clown person and drag them into the water. With a few hits they’re dead. My eyes zoom in on a rusty screw on the floor, and I notice that the other clown person is looking at the screw as well. We turn to stare at each other. Then back at the screw. Then each other. In this moment of awkwardness, I dive for the screw, and at the same time I grab its head (I’m not sure how this is possible because they were a couple of meters away…). As hard as I can, I stab the clown person in the eye, but it is really difficult to push it. I then realize this is because the person is dead. I sit there for a couple of seconds, before remembering that I had to find that person.

    I am back in my house again, and I am in the garage getting my dad a beer. I hand it to him, and then I look out of the window and see him sat in the garden glaring at me. This is creepy but I am distracted by another announcement.

    “Attention all, bottle smashing is now permitted.”

    A brown glass bottle filled with beer appears in my hand, and at the opposite side of the kitchen near the fridge, a woman also appears. Instantly, I know she is part of the group that have kidnapped my person, so I throw the bottle at her. She laughs at my failed attempt to hit her as my bottle flies off to the side. This happens again, but on the third try, I hit her, and she gets knocked out. She then disappears though.

    I find that I am now on the rooftop of a building, and it is raining. With me are a couple of people. I realize that they are part of my LDing family, and we must stick together to pull through. They seem glad that I have realized this, and then send me back to my old bedroom. My Russian friend is sat there looking miserable.

    “We’ll never find Vinnie.” He says, looking sad (AH HA! This is who I was looking for. IWL I don’t even know anyone called Vinnie…)

    As he says this I instantly know where Vinnie is. I start humming the Pirates of the Caribbean theme tune as I make my way down the stairs. In my head, I picture Vinnie tied up in a janitors closet. As I get to the door, my parents appear, and I know that I can’t make it. However, I know that my friends will find him now. My parents begin to explain why they didn’t buy me the games (WTF?!), and I have a break down and start crying about how they took £50 pounds. My Mum tells me will give me it back, and I start to be happy again knowing I have money.

    She goes on to explain how they were using the money to adopt Grace, but everything is okay now because she is already here. We decide to settle everything with a game of Mario kart, but as I play it I notice something odd. This isn’t Mario kart. The whole area we are playing in is like GTA, but it has Yoshi in a mushroom car.

    Then I wake up. The end bit was so random. I was kinda disappointed when I didn’t get that £50 though.

    Awake: 8.40am
    Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) 9/15
    Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) 6/10
    Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) 20 minutes
    Dream Signs/Tags: rusty screws, Japanese clown person, vinnie

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