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    Mytes fractaled mind

    Myte = Myth. Norwegian - English.
    NB! My LD count is since when I became a member here - I have no idea how many I've had during my lifetime.

    How it started
    I've had the strangest experiences since 2004, which is when it all started. That's the year when I would suddenly feel a very strong pressure around my body, and a urgent need of laying down. As I did that, I'd have no idea of what was ahead of me. In seconds my body would sleep, but my mind were fully awake from the very start. I would find myself flying through the air, to real places in the world I've never been to, seeing faces I've never seen before. These travels would always have a purpose, which I would only figure out afterwards, when I'd wake up. During these travels (which do not happen very often, but they do) I see details you wouldn't think was possible. Everything from colors, smells, where things and furniture are placed and so on. When I confront the person it's usually about - in that particular travel - when I'm awake, he or she always says I'm spot on.

    To give you an example:
    I get this urgent feeling of laying down, and I do so. Within seconds I'm "out". Last time that happened, I were drawn to a hospital in Norway. I am then standing in a room and I see a friend from internet (never met in RL) standing next to a bed. She's holding the hand of a man in bed who I assume is her grandfather. The room has a incredible warmth and feeling of love in it. So strong, so intense! I notice his facial features, what she's wearing, how she has her hair, how the room looks like - cutains, furniture, baggage, etc and so on. I am then drawn back, and I wake up. Not in a dream but were I lay down. I contacted the girl online, and asked if that scene sounded familiar to her. She replies a bit shocked that that was her very last moment with her grandfather before he died, while she held his hand. And all my observations were spot on.

    This is why I'd like to keep a dream journal. I'd like to learn more about this, and learn how to control it. As of today this only happens randomly.

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