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    Lucid in my sons Kindergarden

    by , 03-07-2011 at 10:15 AM (622 Views)
    So, my first LD after I joined here. I have no clue how many LDs I've had before through out the years, so the LD count will be from when I became a member here.

    Anyway - Due to a rather hectic morning, I were unable to write down the nights event. But I remember very clearly that I knew I were in a dream. The dream took place in my toodlers kindergarden/day care(?). I looked around, and were a bit puzzeled because everything looked brown, as if I had put on a layer of duo tone on. One of the women there asked me to get something, and I just looked at her, wondering why she didn't do it herself? Well, off I went, but then stopped. I went back again, and the woman sat next to my hubby. Just talking, no sexual vibes going on. They didn't notice me, and got a bit puzzled by that. So I started to have a look around in the rrom. There were a massage bench in the room for some reason, and there were no other kids, other then mine, myself, my hubby and that woman. Since they were busy, I went over to the massage bench. I looked at it - thinking it truely was a hidious brownish color - and I usually love brown. I kept thinking that I should write this down, I should write this down, but I never came to. I remembered in the dream that I had put my pen and dream journal next to my pillow in bed, but as I were awake in the dream, I'd have to wake my self completly to do so - which I didn't want to After that realization i must have fallen out of it anywway, 'cause that's all I remember.

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