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    1. Kept in heart, not forgotten

      by , 03-06-2011 at 10:31 AM (Mytes fractaled mind)
      For the last 2-3 years I've had some really really nice "meetings" with an old friend from High School, in dreams. I don't know what type of dream this would be, but it's very real indeed. When I wake up, it's like thinking back when I met up with a friend at the coffeeshop - a memory of it. That's what these dreams feels like too - memories of something very real that happened during my sleep.

      You see, this friend and I may sit on a bench at the harbour, looking out over the fjord/ocean and just talk. In the dream or what ever it is. I can smell the salt ocean, I hear the seagulls and the noise of cars and people in the background. Just as it would be in waken life. And we have the best conversations! It feels safe and very relaxing. There are no change in scenes or in the enviroment. Everything happens cronological, and the timeframe is the same as in waken life. 5 seconds in the dream(?) = 5 seconds in waken life. At least that's how it feels like. We always met outside for some reason.

      Anyway - two nights ago we met again, and I noticed that he was more reserved in a way.. Couldn't really figure out why. The next morning I log on to Facebook and see that he has changed his status to be in a relationship. Well, good for him! I'm already happily married THIS night however, gave a end to it all. This nights meeting happened in the very early morning, the sun hasn't risen yet. It's a rainy day, and we stand on a field of gras. There's a stream just by us with so much water that it's overflowing(?), and covers some of the gras.
      Anyway - he carries a smal wooden bowl and goes to the stream to get some water. While doing that, he tells me that we will not meet again. He takes my hand and we just feel how much we care about each other, while knowing that we've already chosen our paths and that we need to follow them. Then his hand, followed by the rest of his body, dissolve into water. Before I know it, the field of gras has been replaced by a classroom, and the water from him is now a little pond(?) on the floor, pulsing back and forth from a corner and out while these words are being echoed: Kept in heart, not forgotten. Kept in heart, not forgotten. As the words fades away, so does the water on the floor - until I'm left alone.

      For me, this was just a absolutly fantastic closure of something very beautiful. These meetings have been something I've cherished, and they couldn't have ended in a more beautiful way. I highly appreciate these experiences and I'm very grateful. I don't feel I've lost something, rather gained.

      Thank you, H.