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    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    by , 01-17-2011 at 03:42 AM (879 Views)
    The Center (DEILD)


    Dream: Birds in Flight
    An interesting game, this is. Flight, life, through the perspective of a small bird. But it seems there is more to this game than meets the eye as soon I am met with a group of individuals, all derived from the game world. They're on a quest, a mission to find the center of everything, the hub of the multiverse. I follow them, cloaking myself with Invisibility, but my attempt to conceal my lurking fails as one of the group members bumps into me. Moving ahead, through an underpass, I try to make it look like nothing happened, but they're wise to my scheme, and from the underpass come scores of groups, each similar, but different, decoys to allow the escape of the original. *My frustration wakens me. . .

    DEILD: The Hub
    I slip back into the thick of things, appearing, floating, above a bridge, the group from before ahead of me.

    “How did he find us?!” shouts one of the four, exasperated at my appearance.

    “It's called a WILD, bitch,” the expletive flows off my tongue.

    Flying ahead, I realize the hub must be close, and sure enough, seated in a cold rock face, I find it. It's a. . . USB hub? This is silly. There has to be more to it than this. Even an ethernet hub would be better. Hmm, I bet I could change it, change one of the ports, make it possible to easily move throughout dimensions. So I do. But the results are more than I expected. . .

    Inside the hub, I find a frog-like, almost slug-like being. It seems he takes requests, sending clients capable of coming to him through time and space, or bringing objects to them. He does it all through portals, which he creates and facilitates for the masses. I ask to return to Earth, to where I came from, and I'm treated to a vivid display of swirling dimensions and the vastness of my universe as I'm thrown through the portal, back to Earth, into the vast oceans of the past.

    I'm a small amphibian, it seems, in the early days of life. A fish is about to eat me, and I have no way to defend myself. Acting quickly, I make a request to return to the hub, using a GUI I manage to prompt. Just like that, I'm whisked away to the hall from before, the foyer at the center of everything.
    I decide starting a new life here might prove interesting. . .

    DILD: Prey
    A chill permeates the room. They know what's coming, the people around me, and they're afraid. Crying and fear erupts around me as everyone starts to run. I lie still, on the floor, confused, yet calm. It forms to my right, a monster, a creature of nightmares, taught tan skin stretched across a huge, dog-like body. Hundreds of teeth, sharp and pointed, line its gaping maw. Death is on the agenda tonight, as it bounds at my unmoving body.

    Why has everyone gone? Why don't I care? Oh yes, that's why. . .

    With vigor I stand, and with quiet dignity I deliver a world-shattering kick into the gut of my would-be reaper. Death greets the beast before it can finish its tumbling flight, well before it hits the ground.

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    1. Samael's Avatar
      The hub in the second dream is an incredibly intriguing concept. I may have to visit.
    2. insideout's Avatar
      Very interesting dreams.