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    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    by , 06-11-2010 at 03:13 PM (489 Views)
    Enter Walms (DILD)

    My brother explodes in a puff of flame and smoke, leaving behind two flaming eyes that fizzled out after a moment or two.

    "Burmes? Is that you?"

    "Yes," states a disembodied voice.

    "Oh, okay. Hey, can you help me find Walms?"

    There was a pause before he replied. "Yeah, sure."

    "Cool, thank you."

    I Teleport away, letting Burmes guide the new scene. I end up in an open outdoors setting with none other than Walms standing a good distance away. He turns as I make my appearance, eyeing me strangely, almost as if he were sizing me up. "It's me, Walms! Mzzkc!"

    "Oh, good job on finding me. . . We can start when you like."

    "Very well." I say cooly, taking a stance and drawing my Katana.

    Immediately, I turn on the pressure. Teleporting close to him, but well out of arms reach, I make a quick swipe, which he readily evades. Before he can do anything else, though, I Teleport again, and make another lightning quick attack, but am foiled a second time. TP, this time he's got claws out to block my thrust and follow up with his own attack, which I deflect before TPing yet again. This goes on for a good six or seven seconds, with me TPing, attacking, and defending about three or four times each second. The attacks themselves are varied and range from basic slash and thrust combinations to much more complex sword-work. Still, neither of us can can land a hit.

    Without warning, Walms launches into the air. I'm quick to follow, purposefully dropping my blade as I do. Before he can reach altitude, I start charging a Kamehameha, chanting the telltale phrase that goes along with it. Walms immediately stops, turns, and Teleports directly below me, but that's just what I wanted. Using a Time Skip, so he doesn't have a chance to react, I change it up and deliver a huge downward arcing punch that instantly makes contact (thanks to the Time Skip). He looks visibly surprised as he plummets down to earth.

    "I don't have to follow what I say I'm gonna do." I taunt, playfully, before TPing below Walms and Time Skipping a huge uppercut into his gut. This time he's ready, though, and makes a grab for my arm, so I TP away from him and follow him as he shoots back up into the air from the force of my blow. He rights himself quickly enough and speedily starts closing the relatively small gap between us. I start charging a real energy blast this time, but I screw it up as Walms tries for another grab. He rebukes me, commenting on my attempts at an actual energy attack, as I avoid his assault and Flash Step away, closer to the ground.

    Still moving, I start charging another energy attack, but he's on top of me without warning, and now I don't have a prayer of getting away. So, I do the next best thing and direct a blast of energy at the ground, causing a massive explosion that envelops me and blasts him away.

    Unfortunately, as the light of the explosion overtakes me, I lose my hold on the dream, and enter into a FA. I quickly get up, go to my laptop, and record the events. After publishing it, Walms responds almost instantly, saying he remembers the fight, and very much enjoyed it, pointing out how good the pacing and flow was.

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