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    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    by , 07-05-2010 at 05:47 AM (463 Views)
    Below, I've recorded the fight I had with a DV member late last month. Enjoy.


    Enter ?????? (DILD)

    "Come on!" She commands me, jumping down from the raised section of tiled flooring.

    Should I follow?

    I hesitate, my lucidity flickering between states.

    Running toward the large, open, squared archway she yells back, "Let's get out of here!"

    But that's not why I'm here. . .

    She's treating me like a DC, and I'm playing along like an idiot. . . Not cool.

    "That's not happening," I adamantly state, drawing my blade. Might as well have some fun with this, I think amusedly.

    She looks back, notices my Katana, and visibly tenses up. I step forward a bit, and am thrilled to see her extend shiny, steel, wolverine-esque claws from between her knuckles. This might get interesting.

    Cautiously approaching me, I can see her sizing me up, determining the best course of action. Maybe she'll multiply herself. That'd certainly make things more fun. Sure enough, what was no more than a passing thought, comes to be. She seems more surprised than myself, especially when the new copy proceeds to make yet another copy. This process repeats itself several times, and before I know it I'm facing down approximately 13 clawed adversaries. They attack as one.

    One goes for my head, another for my gut, yet another for my legs, and the rest for any piece of me they think they can hit. Instinct takes over and I launch into the air, spinning quickly with my sword extended in one hand. A blue streak of energy follows my blade as I spin, higher and higher, five, ten, fifteen feet off the ground. Naturally, they miss their strikes, but I'd be a fool to think they aren't prepared with a follow up.

    Dropping down, I bring my sword around swiftly on a copy to the right, while hook-kicking one to my left. I adjust my blade mid-strike to avoid the parry I read well in advance. Indeed, my Katana makes contact, but my kick is blocked rather aptly. Landing on one foot, I fluidly let myself drop even further, avoiding a flurry of jabs and swipes. After that, I bring my blade in wide rotational arc above my head, deflecting all the follow up slashes aiming to take me out. Then, still maintaining momentum from my spin, I turn about to my left, cutting down another copy, back-fisting one across the head, and kicking out the shins of one behind me. Unfortunately, this leaves me in a less than ideal defensive situation, and my adversaries pick up on that right away. Sharp steel comes at me from every angle, and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

    So, I teleport away, taking a knee as I do. The excitement of the battle is taking its toll on my stability, so I decide to call it there and allow myself to awaken.

    I'll give this one to you, Samael.

    I smile as everything fades to white.

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    1. Raven Knight's Avatar
      Hey, cool fight! And after you won that fight we had so easily! But who's to say what would have happened if you hadn't woken...
    2. Samael's Avatar
      I'll get you next time.
    3. Mzzkc's Avatar
      Oh, we'll see about that!

      Next time I won't be holding back, that's for sure.