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    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    by , 07-07-2010 at 03:20 AM (384 Views)
    Ideals (Non-lucid)

    It's been decided. Tomorrow morning, I am to be put to death for my rebellious actions against the Empire. My comrades share the same fate. As we leave the presence of our judge--Vader himself--each of us is taken in a separate direction by our respective escorts.

    It's night-time on the snowy planet; I only have hours left to live. The prospect is overwhelming, yet the only thing on my mind is an incredible yearning to sleep outside in a bed made of snow.

    Taken by my subdued charm, the female guard arranges for this final request to be fulfilled. Time lapses by and, sure enough, I am presented with a mattress filled with soft, cold, pure-white snow. They place it in a trailer, open to the elements, on a bed-frame adorned with heavy leather straps. Contemplating how my last night on earth will be spent strapped down to prevent my escape, I barely notice the giant commotion going on around us.

    A powerful being of some kind is attacking the base with huge doll-like creatures. Each guard around me leaves the area, assuming I'll do the right thing and strap myself down. . . It's a good thing I'm no idiot.

    Panting, I duck behind a broken concrete barrier as the cold air rips in and out of my lungs. Far from the main compound, it will take some time for them to find me, especially if they think I'm still in the trailer. Now a fugitive with no way off the planet, I decide it's time to sever my ties with the Rebels and start anew. . . . .

    Years pass, and in that time I become a distinguished officer in the ranks of Stormtroopers, to the point where everyone at Central knows my name. I had gotten to my position by infiltrating HQ years ago, assassinating a lowly officer, assuming his identity, and avoiding contact with Vader and anyone else who might have recognized me, all the while making the right connections and moving up the chain of command. I was determined to change the system from the inside out, and I'm well on my way. . . . .

    Walking slowly along the run-down, grey-paneled corridor, my dark blue cape flows behind me as I walk. Stopping before the rental apartment door, my age-hardened face smiles weakly behind this forsaken mask. Even now, I, a High General of the Empire, second only to the new Empress herself, find it necessary to hide my identity, lest someone from my past recognize me.

    Things across the galaxy have changed since I received this new power. This power, the power of Geass, allows me to permanently imprint my will upon anyone I so choose. I've found it useful in reshaping the Empire into a sovereign entity that imposes happiness on the inhabitants of the galaxy, forcefully if necessary.

    Unfortunately, while it was easy for me to bring down the original Rebel Alliance with my newfound ability and former connections, this new resistance to our mission of peace, prosperity, and blissful ignorance is proving more difficult to tranquilize. So, in order to further my our agenda, I 'convinced' the Empress to re-allow the training of force users, assuring her I'd handle any rogues personally.

    Behind these doors was one such rogue. Obviously, a full-on confrontation would most likely end in my death. Thankfully, my Geass has grown strong enough to work with almost no restraints. The door opens.

    Across the room, leaning on a balcony rail overlooking the city, is the force user. He turns quickly, eyes going wide, hand raising up--but it's too late. My Geass has already taken effect, wiping away this poor fool's mistaken ideals and replacing them with a more perfect set. A set that will ensure his obedience toward the Empress, but more importantly his undying loyalty to me.

    The deed done, I leave with my new pawn trailing behind me. However, there is no time for celebration, I still have a war to win, and an entire galaxy of people that need my help finding happiness.

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