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    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    by , 07-18-2010 at 07:53 AM (946 Views)
    I'm running out of good BEoDs. . .


    Close Encounters of the Raptor Kind (DILD)

    Walking down the white paneled hallway, I took in the details around me. Wall mounted heaters with books on top, accented by the occasional bright red fire extinguisher, lined the sides of the school interior. Everything seemed so vivid and clean as I approached a branching hall to my right.

    Recalling my Velociraptor nightmares from earlier in the night, I couldn't help hoping a Raptor wasn't waiting for me as I turned the corn--

    Oh, shit.

    Staring me down, less than 50 meters away, stood a 6ft tall, scaly, killing machine. Screeching, it came at me, giving me only a moment to center myself and reaffirm my lucidity. I reached out my hand, and with a concentrated effort of will I stopped its malicious descent upon me. Yet still, it continued toward me in a slow stride.

    As it passed, I moved my hand to its snout and brushed its smooth, cold, reptilian face. All the while, I made sure to keep up my emotional direction and willful suppression of this magnificent creature's blood-lust; a single slip-up and I'd be missing a hand.

    Luckily, the Raptor continued on its way, and I was left to revel in the incredibly life-like experience. I doubted the students in the classroom down the hall would make out quite as well as I had. . .

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    1. priceleecushing's Avatar
      I have had dreams about a killer raptor preying on me in my dreams. I like your choice of words, "reptilian face". Very interesting that my raptor dream took place in my grade school when I was younger. hmmmm