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    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    by , 06-09-2010 at 12:25 AM (443 Views)
    Baseball, Dances, and Math (Non-lucid)

    It's the top of the ninth, the score is 0-0. Two outs already on the board. I'm up to bat in a game and field that seems reminiscent of my old middle school. I start out swinging lefty, but miss the first ball. I remember that I'm a righty and step into the other box. Another swing and a miss. It's at this point I realize the bat itself has a large chunk of it broken off. I step out of the box, intending to fix this problem. I must have at some level realized I was dreaming, because all it took was a little will power and running my hands along the bat to fill in the rather large spot where the break was.

    Immediately, I felt the difference in the weight of the bat. I stepped back into the batter's box. I mention that, with these new repairs, I'm 2/3 more likely to hit the ball. The pitcher, feeling my intent to knock it out of the park, walked me to first. The next batter hit a line drive through second which the second baseman missed. I somehow managed to make a run on that play. The next batter hit a home run, putting us up by three. Then we switched sides. I have no idea who got out, but w/e. They managed to get one controversial run that evoked an argument among the players and caused the game to be shut down by the person moderating it. After that, it was off to the dance.

    I hate dances, so it makes sense that this next part was relatively short.

    I go to the dance and enter the only open bathroom, with a classmate, at the end of the hall. Freshening up involves shaving, and dabbing my rampaging acne with a wet paper towel. When I'm done, I make my way through the throng of people. The dark atmosphere and hairdos reminded me of the late 90's. However, it isn't long before I recall I have a math quiz to get to.

    The quiz is in a room from my old high school. I take a seat. And grab the stack of papers sitting there, thinking them to be the quiz. They were, but these quizes were already graded. I noticed a few hundreds, so I figured that despite my lack of studying I would be fine. I give papers back to the teacher and somehow procure a blank quiz. Let's just say when you combine simple Calculus concepts with Discrete Math concepts, and more advanced Calculus concepts, and horribly impossible questions that have no way to be solved, you get one bitch of a quiz. It didn't help that the teacher was standing over me half the time. I'm really self conscious about my Math. . .

    The dream ended before I could finish the quiz.

    My next dream involved some crazy mixture of Pokemon, Phantasy Star Online, traditional Japanese RPGs, and platforming. Much of it was pretty abstract, convoluted, and would be difficult to write about. So, I'm not going to.


    Action Fragments (Non-lucid)

    A lot of action dreams. I can't remember many of the details unfortunately. I'm pretty sure there were swords involved.

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