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    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    by , 06-09-2010 at 01:05 AM (693 Views)
    Bleh (Non-lucid)

    A restless night with a few fragments I don't remember, and a long ass dream involving. . .

    The Harry Potter universe, the sacrifice of three good friends in order to ensure an end to the evil that plagued us, going back in time involuntarily to make amends and try to save those friends, shirking my responsibilities in order to play Guitar Hero, characters from the Pokemon universe and their Pokemon coming to our aid, and standing my ground, alone, against an endless horde of undead.

    It wasn't as exciting as it sounds, and I don't have time to write about it anyways, so this will just have to be enough for me to recall the whole thing.

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