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    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    by , 06-09-2010 at 01:38 AM (375 Views)
    Raptors (Non-lucid)

    I wasn't going to write anything today, but I can recall bits and pieces of a pretty freaking cool dream. It was one of those dreaming of being lucid kinda deals. I don't think I realized I was dreaming once throughout the whole thing.

    I'm in a parallel universe in which me, my Mzzkc persona, is, in actuality, a vampire. I'm in a group with some other vampires, a lot of people I know from college, it's like a fraternity of sorts. I'm accepted as a part it, however I am not truly one of them. As I become aware of this back story, as if by magic, we are tasked with taking apart a maze of piping, surrounding a small building, in order to obtain metal rods and free the girl trapped inside.

    It is then that I realize I can fly. My flying makes quick work of the pipes and before I know it, we're on our way to God knows where. Some stuff happens, I'm still flying. My DCs don't like the fact that I am flying. Jeff makes a cameo when my brother needs help with a particular problem. I think it was adjusting to the dream world, or playing music, or something. They go off somewhere to do their thing. And now here I am, with a bunch of DCs, and I get the crazy idea I can start to make stuff happen. So, I summon a jaguar to attack all the people nearby. Lo and behold, it works! What fun!

    Oh, wait, I think, I can summon Raptors, too! So, I summon a Raptor. It appears from behind the nearby fence and starts eating everyone that it can get ahold of. Sweet! More Raptors! As a torrent of Raptors starts to appear, one after the other, I fly up into the sky, away from harm.

    Before I know it, Raptors are appearing by themselves. While I am aware of the moment each one comes into existence, I start to fear they will turn on me. Oops. They come at me, one after the other. I TK throw two of them away, but another one gets too close for comfort. I grab its head and direct it away from me. Then, using a method (it's a will based, attention shifting technique that I can't explain in words) I developed in previous LDs, I forced it and, subsequently, all other Raptors to leave me alone.

    The dream progressed from there, I ended up in a large crowd of people I supposedly knew whom were celebrating something. They were trying to keep some object in the air as they walked into this large atrium. I spoiled their fun by setting up a sort of TK barrier that bounced the object up everytime it hit it. I thought I was helping.

    I kept going by myself, and wound up in a small bedroom having a conversation with a girl in my scholarship program. After that, I went into the other room where Jeff and my bro were playing acoustic guitar and bass.

    Another dream branched off of this one, but it wasn't quite as awesome. Unless, you consider my friend, CTB, buying Hasbro's Nerf division for $100,000, and appointing me as one of the Head Developers, awesome.

    I think I finally figured out why DCs don't seem to like it when I display any kind of power in my dreams. >.>

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