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    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    by , 06-09-2010 at 01:57 AM (446 Views)
    Yeah, I was disappointed as well. Next thing I'm going to try is to do an Extended TP and hopefully a screen will pop up asking where I would like to go. Anyways, here's last night's lucid.

    Rex (DILD)

    It's another one of them Jurasic Park nightmares. They've put us in the complex with all the herbivores, we have some nice living quarters in the back, on the wall right adjacent to. . . the carnivore complex. . . Fuck. I look out the window, my brother is with me. We see a T-Rex eye staring us down from the window across from us. We drop to the floor. Something that big could easily burst though these walls at any time it wanted. I run outside as fast as I can, leaving my brother behind. I hope he makes it out of there safely. . .

    I spot Hammond running away from the complex. I decide to follow him, but he turns around and goes in the other direction right as I catch up to him. Ffffuuuuu! Now I have to retrace my steps and make up for lost time. I TP Skip at each step quickly surpassing Hammond. Wait, I should just TP. Point and click. TP activates and I'm a good distance away now.

    Oh, I must be dreaming if I can TP. Fly gets toggled on. There a T-Rex in that building with my name on it. I survey my surroundings. It's large area with a few dense trees and moss ground covered with hay in some parts. Fences in the distance and a chopper somewhere behind me. Hammond was just passing by the complex now. "You people ready for this?!" I shouted, a glint in my eye. I willed the T-Rex to burst out of the complex. It did.

    The siding of the complex flew about in shattered bits. The T-Rex was loose. It ran straight toward Hammond. Before it could reach him I tossed the beast into the air with my TK and threw him down on his back. He roared in protest, got up, and started to make his way toward me. He jumps into the air, gnashing at me with his teeth. I reach out my hands. They become elongated, merged together, and stretched out. Suddenly, thousands of tiny pointed teeth sprout from my hands. I clamp them down on his nose and face making him yelp and drop back down to the ground. What a pushover. The raptors are ten times better than this lout.

    He tries for me one more time, but I just throw him into the air again and let him fall onto his back.

    I can't remember the rest. :-/

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