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    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    by , 06-09-2010 at 01:58 AM (333 Views)
    That's interesting Nomad. Do you usually have wolf and dinosaur dreams? I know I've had dreams with dinosaurs on and off since I was a child. Wolf dreams are much rarer for me, though.

    This would normally be rated a two, but I had fun writing it. >.>

    I am So Aware! Look at How Aware I am! (Non-lucid)

    It's my brithday! Oh, what fun. People are giving me cards! Let's read them. . . *reads card* Phhbbt! This card has terrible grammar! And it's doing it on purpose to confuse me! Ah, well. At least they got me a gift! What is this I see? Zoh my gawd! It's a Star Wars Hoth CTF Lego set! Let's assemble it right now! Look gaiz, it's so realistic! It's like we're actually building a battle on Hoth like the one currently happening around us on a snowy planet that I seem to not really notice at all! Wow! Look at all the laser fire!

    *PEW PEW* Oh no! They blew it up while I was working on putting it together! Nooo! *Stops Time* *Reverses Time* It's back! ^.^ Let's use some TK to get it to safety. *Lifts up Lego Set with Mind* Blarg! I didn't grab all the pieces! *Tries to lift Multiple Things With Mind* Well, these aren't actually pieces from the set, but I guess they'll have to do! Lalala, let's get these out of harm's way!

    This random piece of randmoness was brought to you by the number F.

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