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    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    by , 06-09-2010 at 02:53 AM (412 Views)
    The Race (DILD)

    And so, with gusto, my new friends and I took to the highways. I was on a small, sleek, and terribly fast motorcycle while these three strange creatures trailed behind me. Each one of them meant me harm. I knew that, and had confronted them about it earlier. The wispy woman, whose body was made entirley of formless darkness seemed taken aback when I mentioned it. Each of them was even more surprised when I explained that, despite their ill will, I would accept and welcome them with open arms. For, I knew they could cause me no real harm, and maybe showing them just a smidgen of kindess would help to change them at a deeper level. Regardless, that was all behind us now. What lay ahead was an open road filled was fun, adventure, and daring!

    Only minutes after starting our journey I found myself taking a detour. Apparently, there was an intense motorcycle race going on, and I wanted to join in. Seamlessly, the motorway I was traveling on branched off into a race-track. Upwards of twelve racers zoomed past me and my group. With a glint in my eye, I zoomed off after them, planning to win this race using any means necessary. By sheer force of will, I pushed my bike faster and faster until, within seconds, only two competitors stood between me and first.

    Revving my motor, I barreled into the racer in front of me, clipping his wheel and sending him spiraling out of control. One down, one to go. Reaching out with my mind, I forcefully launched the leader, motorcycle and all, 20 feet into the air. He lost his grip on his bike as man and machine shot off the course, tumbling over the concrete wall, out of sight, out of mind, out of luck. I was home free. Excitement and happiness welled up from my core as the finish line came into view. Everything started to fade. . .


    Quickly utilizing my own personal focus techniques I managed to stabilize just enough to keep myself in the dream. Gritting my teeth, determination etched upon my face, I refused to let the dream end before achieving my goal. My bike slowed as my focus shifted. Sensing the other riders gaining on me, I gripped the handlebars ferociously and, with one last push, shot forward, clearing the distance between me and the finish line in a fraction of a moment.

    As peace settled in, the last thing I saw was the pale smiling face of the smoke woman. I could feel, without a doubt, that she was genuinely happy for me. I woke up, content.

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