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    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    by , 06-09-2010 at 02:56 AM (485 Views)
    House Party (DILD)

    "Do you hear that?"


    The two men before me looked at each other, nodded, and began tearing away the old mansion wall. The sickly green wallpaper tore away easily enough. In fact, even the steel-lined vault-like wall was able to be pulled away, layer by layer, by these men who probably had some kind of super strength going on.

    Once the last layer was pulled away, a faint sigh echoed slowly through the room. There, in the wall, amidst all the wooden studs and shredded insulation, lay a body. This girl had been contorted and stuffed into the walls long ago. And yet, while she was no longer alive, neither was she fully deceased. In a sickeningly quick motion this remnant of past transgressions twisted, pulled, and tore its way out of the wall. She was headed straight at me.

    Mouth hung open, black wet hair strung about her face, and eyes as black as the darkest pits of hell, she lunged at me. Aghast, I take a step backwards, rationalizing the situation as I do. "It's okay," I tell the DCs around me, "She just wanted someone to know she was here." Obviously, this statement was more to help me than the lifeless characters about me, but it did its job. Smiling at the creature inches from my face, still uneasy, I turn away to rejoin the house party.

    Time passes, and I find myself on a couch. For some reason, I turn around to see what's going on in the living space behind me. Many people I don't know are hanging out around a table, drinking, laughing, and socializing.

    A bright flash pulsates through the room.

    Suddenly, everyone around me had transformed into demonic monsters. Fire roared around them and licked the walls of the once pristine house. Everything was charred black and the red glow of the flames shone menacingly off the wide serrated tooth lined jaws of the patrons before me. In unison, they all turned toward me. Verily freaked the fuck out, I duck my head out of sight behind the couch. Still lucid, I do my best to recreate the flash that enabled this shift of perspective. Sure enough, a white light shoots through the room.

    Everything was back to normal.

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