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    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    by , 06-09-2010 at 03:05 AM (373 Views)
    Simple Pleasures (DILD)

    Excusing myself from the table, I begin walking toward the soda fountain across the room. The reception hall is terribly crowded with people. I don't really feel like navigating around them all, so I decide to walk straight through. But it would prove rude of me to simply push people out of the way. Thus, I come to the conclusion that phasing through them is probably the best course of action.

    Each time someone ran into me I Phase Shifted the part of my body making contact, letting them pass right through. It's cool how I can do that in dreams.

    Oh yeah, I smile softly, this is a dream. By now I've reached the soda fountain, but there's a bit of a line. A container of stacked cups stands to my left. I reach out my hand and use my TK to flick the topmost cup off its stack and toward me. As it comes down, I go to grab it. I fumble around with it for a moment before wrapping both hands about the clear textured plastic. A sloppy catch is still a catch, I think, still smiling. Now what to do about this line?

    I notice all the DCs were getting their drinks out of a single Pepsi dispenser in the middle of the fountain. Moreover, this dispenser was operated by slightly lifting on the tab holding back the refreshment. By lifting it, a small waterfall of brownish liquid would pour out. Kinda like a real fountain.

    Feeling slightly devious, I reach out again with my TK, and lift the tab all the way up, drenching everyone within a two foot radius of the machine with cold soda. I position my cup under the ridiculous flow, filling it, but wetting my whole right side in the process. The feeling is remarkable. I marvel, for a moment, at how amazing our brains really are.

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