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    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    by , 10-23-2010 at 01:31 AM (371 Views)
    I decided to journal today after all. ^.^

    War Games (Non-lucid)


    Dream: Lone Warrior
    Romping through MM, I notice a thread devoted to a site-wide forum game. It's a risk-esque game of sorts, where players build armies based on their dream lives and then battle each other for territory. I'm amused by the fact Walms doesn't have an army, but still has stats rivaling some of the better players. On a trip to the mall, I keep myself updated on the happenings of the game, and eventually join in the fun.

    Dream: Civ Dev
    Once again, I'm in MTB's apartment. This time, however, we're alone. Letting myself into his room, I discover he's working on an RTS game based on the board game a friend of mine had helped put together for one of his classes. The design is simple enough. Each player starts with a single town on a gridded map and takes turns working toward conquering the opposing player's town through economic or military might. Very Civ. He's starts up a test game and walks me through what he's doing. Very quickly, he builds up a formidable city while the computer player lags behind. Secretly, I make a note that the AI needs work.

    As the game progresses, MTB is clearly winning, and I'm starting to better understand the game's dynamics. In a few turns, it's clear the AI is trying for an assault. I suggest MTB make use of his navy to take out the nearest enemy regiment. But my suggestion proves fatal, as the AI had been spending all its resources making ridiculously powerful infantry which quickly wipes out MTB's fleet. Meanwhile a southern contingent literally walks into MTB's city, takes the town center, and wins the game. Maybe the AI is better at this than I thought. MTB is not amused.

    Dream: Alpha Meat
    We're in agreement, CTB and I. On principle, all Zeds should attack people carrying Alpha Troopers on sight. So here I find myself, thirty minutes before safe-hour, outside the dining hall, with an Alpha Trooper. I know CTB is mocking me from his room as I stride carelessly about, girlfriend in tow. The first zombie that spots me seems dejected, and just stands there as I take my shot. Soft, orange foam from my bright yellow toy spurts out the muzzle and flies awkwardly to the left, wide of my target. Always prepared for misses, I pull back on the pump-action grip to prime the blaster, but then unthinkable happens.

    I screw up; my hand flies wildly off the smooth plastic grip, leaving the blaster in a half-primed limbo. My foe is as surprised as I am, but is smart enough to lunge at me. Just like that, I'm dead. But I shouldn't be. That should never have happened. Defiantly, I reverse time, back to the point where I first encountered the Zed. Things play out differently this time, and I unload two quick, successive shots into his chest using slam-fire. Looking behind me, I spot another Zed and do the same to him. All in all, I stun five zombies before making my way into the D-Hall; my girlfriend got one, too. She had run up to the last Zed in the area and pressed her NF into his chest, pulling the trigger, putting him out of the game for fifteen minutes.

    Once inside, I swipe in and grab myself a large chocolate chip cookie, taking a seat next to some other HvZers I don't really know. One of them has their Alpha Trooper opened up on the table. Taking a look, I notice how hefty the spring is. Clearly modified. He closes it up in due time, well before the mission, and I get to see what he's done to the shell. The most prominent feature is a six-inch bowie knife on the top that seems to be a little loose, attached partially by rubber bands. He could seriously hurt someone with that. . .

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