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    Mzzkc's Mind Games: Interlude

    by , 06-20-2012 at 07:23 PM (797 Views)
    Oh, hello.

    I didn't know anyone still visited this dusty old place... There's plenty of tidying up to do, that's for sure. But in the Spirit of Procrastination™ I've created a (completely free) blog/resource that is relevant to my interests!

    *link preemptively removed*

    I have plans to re-write entries as pieces of fiction and post them there occasionally. Of course, that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of what'll I'll eventually be doing. Most of you won't care, or be interested, but that's where my future guides (and ones not featured on DV) will be popping up, along with other insights that might help you achieve or understand lucidity in a new way.

    If the staff is cool with it, I'd be more than happy to share these resources on DV, but it's not worth getting banned over.

    Of course, the blog won't be all about lucidity, as restricting myself to a single topic would get boring fast....



    P.S. I know "advertising" isn't allowed. There used to be a clause that allowed linking to free off-site resources, but I guess that's been nixed. Hence my preemptive removal of the link. If anyone would like to discuss this matter with me, I'll clear out some space in my inbox.
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    1. Astrosomnia's Avatar
      Interest piqued.

      ...dare I ask what the "eventually" part involves?
    2. Mzzkc's Avatar
      A lot of things.

      The blog won't be entirely LD focused, but it'll address key subjects in that field in ways that are more effective than in a forum setting such as this.

      I don't want to spoil anything else I have planned, though. Better to get things done than to talk about getting things done.
    3. Astrosomnia's Avatar
      Head down, keep working. How Germanically efficient of you! I'm sure whatever it is will be well written and interesting.
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    4. TheForgotten 's Avatar
      I'm sure whatever it is will be well written and interesting.
      Unfortunate isn't it.
    5. Mzzkc's Avatar
      Terribly unfortunate.
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    6. TheForgotten 's Avatar
      It's a good thing you don't write much anymore. God knows where any of that would have led if you had.

      Thinking seriously about it though, it's incredibly annoying when people write well or humorously. It means I take time out of my day, to sit down, and read, and laugh at what I'm reading. Then I wait... for more things to be written, because it was so entertaining... and the cycle repeats... and if it's really good stuff, it's read numerous times until I can finally play it all without having to read text.

      It's a horrible addiction.


      It's quite nice you don't write anymore.
      Updated 07-09-2012 at 09:04 AM by Kaomea
    7. Mzzkc's Avatar
      Who said I haven't been writing?

      There's definitely been a lack of publishing, but...writing?

      It'd be a travesty if I stopped. After all, we can't have you clean for too long. No, that simply wouldn't do.