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    my first dj

    by , 06-06-2013 at 05:42 PM (314 Views)
    ever since i joined this site ive been told to wright in my DJ this is my first entry
    last night i had a dream where i was a slenderhunter hunting slenderman i was walking threw the woods looking for slenderman so i could be the first person to draw a lolface on slenderman anyway i was walking threw the woods looking for him when all of a sudden the forest got pixelated and mario was fighting a mincraft man mario won

    (dream info missing)

    then i found slenderman & drew him a lolface

    /Dream Terminated.

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    1. melanieb's Avatar
      Glad you started this DJ! It's really a helpful space to keep up with your dreams and progress towards a lucid dream.

      "Gonna draw on your face!" ;)