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    Ellen Degeneres, Vanessa Hudgens, Naruto

    by , 06-30-2016 at 08:58 AM (270 Views)
    I had a dream about being with some chick. I remember trying to go to her house and stuff. My dad didn't want me with her but I went anyway. I remember trying to climb her fence. It was black and was in between two brick pillars. The bricks were red. On the bricks were green moss.

    *dream skip*

    I remember meeting Ellen degeneres and the girl I was with met Vanessa hudgens. At first I wasn't sure if I really saw Ellen but when I pointed it out to the girl I was with, my suspicions were confirmed.

    *dream skip*

    I'm in a school building. I walk back into the classroom with the chick I was with. Apparently the whole class is watching finding dory. Which probably explains why I met Ellen. Anyways, after I walk in the movie stops playing.

    Everyone starts to nag and then the teacher asks me to use my Rasengan to get it playing again lmao.

    At that moment I unknowingly took on the role of Naruto.

    I got into the middle of the room and attempted my Rasengan several times but it didn't actually work. I'm assuming its because I wasn't lucid and its obviously a lot harder to manipulate stuff in dreams when you don't know you are actually dreaming.

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