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    I had a lucid! Heavy head, weird baby, sex on the beach, overcame a fear!

    by , 06-30-2016 at 08:50 AM (263 Views)
    I had a dream that I was sitting on the bed in my parents room. The house looked quite empty. The sun was shinning in through the blinds and curtains from their window. I was holding my baby sister on the bed. Her eyes looked weird, sort of monster bug eyed like. I noticed that and then thought "am i dreaming?" And did a nose reality check.

    I could breath. At that moment, everything changed. Sort of like I got a new clarity on everything by going through a new demension or something. Like a "holy shit moment"

    I instantly fell to the floor, i believe it was an accident though and I then said "I want to go to the beach!"

    That didn't happen at first and the dream started to fade. Sort of like , idk its hard to explain. But I'm 100% sure it was from my excitement I had from being caught off guard like that with a lucid.

    So I then realized I had to stabilize quickly and I started to rub my hands on the floor. Good thing I actually did fall onto the floor accidentally or I probably would have woken up!

    Anyways. The dream started coming back to me. From that moment on I had no idea what the fuck happened to my baby sister, didn't even think about her. Its like she disappeared as soon as I became lucid haha.

    Anyways. This lucid is weird because my original lucid goal was to go skydiving and what not. But this lucid sort of caught me off guard. I didn't think I'd get lucid so quickly after only 3 days of doing reality checks so my first instinct was to go to the beach.

    Anyways. I get up off the floor in my parents room and make my way to the living room by first walking out of my parents room and into the hall way.
    As soon as I enter the hallway, a super bright light filled my vision. The living room door was cracked open and the light was shinning through. It was extrmemly vivid. It reminded me of what some would call "The light at the end of the tunnel" as if when I walked through, I'd enter heaven.

    As I walk through the hall I started thinking about something I was worried about most during waking life, happening in my lucids. Negative things manifesting from simply thinking about them. I was worrying about if my dad would appear out of no where and try to rape me or something just from simply thinking about it. He didn't. Thankfully.

    Anyways. I continue walking and affirm my attention to go to the beach. As I make my way further through the hallway, my entire head starts to feel heavy ass fuck like I had a boulder on my head. I kept tipping over backwards and towards the wall, trying my best to hold on to stuff. At that moment I had a 'Aha moment' and thought

    "This is what hukif was talking about!"

    That sensation went away after a bit and I made my way to my living room door in one piece thankfully. Boy I didn't know how much work it'd be navigating the dream world!

    I walk through the living room door that had light shinning through the cracks, an am now suddenly on the beach!

    The beach was empty as fuck though. Like 4 people on the entire beach.

    I then said "Populate now!" Like I was god or some shit and the whole beach filled up with people and hot babes. At that moment, I learned another lesson in the dream world. I learned that it really does take strong intention for things to happen, and that its unlikely for something to appear from simply thinking about it without putting emotion behind it and strong intention.

    From this moment on things got a little crazy.

    There were hot chicks walking around in bathing suits and crazy ass loud music was playing.

    My first instinct was to take the first bubble butt chick I saw, into the water and fuck her.

    I found the girl. She was Caucasian. I lead her out into the middle of the water and she sat down on me. We got busy. It felt amazing.

    At this point on. I believe I started to lose lucidity sadly. Because I could still feel her fucking me, but I also started getting visions of other chicks riding dildos and stuff on the beach.

    The fact that I had a girl fucking me, on top of watching tons of other girls riding dildos was a complete sensory overload.

    I woke up in waking life, attempting to make my way to the bathroom before it was too late.

    *note: like I said. I had no idea I'd be getting lucid out of the blue like this. So it kind of caught me off guard the fact that I could breathe through my nose. And I sort of did what came most natural to me. This lucid happened after having an extremely vivid dream about meeting Ellen Degeneres and Vanessa his Hudgens lmao.

    On top of all that, I learned several things during my very first "real" lucid:

    -I learned what it looks like to have the dream start to fade
    -What hukif means about feeling a heaviness in dreams
    -How its like to translocate
    -How much intention you really need in order to change parts of the dream
    -What it feels like to fuck a chick

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