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    Leaving the matrix

    1. 4/24/15 - rotted out teeth, new teeth

      by , 04-24-2015 at 09:42 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      So I'm at my grandmas house for the entirety of the dream. Some family is here with me, both my sisters, my mom, and my grandma. I keep tonguing this little thing that I feel in the bottom tooth right before the wisdom tooth. It feels like it'll come out loose each time but its hard to budge. The whole time I'm thinking it's a piece of food or something. Then finally I feel it snap off and I feel 2 solid shards of something and instantly know what it is, it's pieces of mercury filling and I panic and spit it out into my hand so I don't accidentally swallow them. The main shard is larger than the little secondary bit. I run and show my family and I'm worried because I feel like mercury vapors are now going into my system. Then I start to eat for some reason, and then this girl who I don't know and don't know why she's in my grandmas house yells at me that I shouldn't be eating when I broke the mercury and that all the food touched it and went into my stomach. I panic and start to feel sick and contemplate making my self throw up the poisoned food in me, but I don't and instead try to shoot water in my mouth to clean it all out. Then my family leaves, they have to go somewhere for a little bit and I'm left there alone. For some reason I can't stop fixating on my teeth in the bathroom mirror, I look to see the tooth where the mercury broke off, and notice how disgusting and rotted all my teeth are. I become confused as to why nearly all my teeth now have mercury fillings because I thought I only had two. (In waking life I only have two and remembered this in my dream). There's brown spots and the teeth are yellow and sickly. I go and walk into the dining room area and stand there anxiously waiting for my family to come back, I feel like I need their help in the matter. Then while waiting I feel the upper tooth next to one of my big front tooth's become wiggly and I try to bight it back into place but then I hear this crackle noise that I knew meant the root just cracked out of the gum, then I just let it fall into my hand, I look at it and it's shaped weird I notice and it had two sharp thorn looking things that i guess were the roots, the tooth is brown and yellow and seems to be swollen. My mom comes home and I show her the tooth, she is disgusted by it rather than wanting to help me, she squeezes the tooth for some reason and I hear a crack and she drops it to the counter with disgust and says it's disgusting. I look at it and see she cracked the tooth open and it was completely filled with brown stuff that feel out of it that looks like beef jerky pr something. I just leave the tooth there and go look in the mirror again, because my mom left again. I look to see the spot where the tooth had fallen from, but I don't see any spot without a tooth, and then I realize that there must've been a tooth behind the tooth that just fell out, it relieves me. I examine it in the mirror, it's not aligned with my front teeth but I don't care, its smaller like maybe it'll grow in more, and its bright white and healthy. Then I feel a group of teeth on the bottom about a row of four of them feel really wiggle, and I try to bite them back into place, bite the roots back in, but they just wont, I hear that crackles noises of the roots forever displacing, so I let all four teeth fall into my hand. They're all yellow, I put them on the bathroom counter top and look in the mirror expecting a big spot on my gums with no teeth and also all the other teeth being disgusting, but then I'm shocked to see in the mirror all my teeth there, and they all look healthy, vibrant white, in alignment, I'm so shocked and pleased to see such thing I almost wanted to cry with joy, and I think to myself, my teeth have never looked so nice like this and that I shall want to smile to people, to everyone. The teeth felt strong, not on the verge of falling out like the other ones.
    2. 4/11/15 - bee flies into mouth

      by , 04-11-2015 at 05:03 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm walking down this sidewalk along a white picket fence. I get to this house that had large swing type gate and know i have to go in here, but as I'm turning the corner i guess i had my mouth open a bit and I feel something vibrating in my mouth. I lean over the sidewalk and keep trying to spit something out. It takes me 4 or tries and then things fall out of my mouth and onto the sidewalk. I kneel down to get a closer look, I see a bee on the ground missing one wing, and missing is black fur stripes like they were plucked out it just has the yellow fur stripes. I become grossed out that a bee was in my mouth and spit more trying to get anything left of it out. Then i look back down and the be and wonder why it didn't sting my tongue, and I begin to see it happening in my head and then think to stop thinking about it or it will happen, i imagine swollen tongue and not being able to breathe. Then I wonder why the bee didn't sting the roof of my mouth, and then I imagine the roof of my mouth swelling and me not being able to breathe and I try to stop thinking about it so it won't happen. Then I decide to assume the bee was already dying and had lost it's stinger previously. Then I look down at the bee again and itss yellow stripes aren't as vibrant as they were, now they've gone light brown, and its one wing is dark brown with holes, it seems dry and brittle now, and I realize there is now another bee next to it on the sidewalk, and I wonder had I spat that one out too. Then I get up and walk into the yard by opening the swing fence.
    3. 4/10/15 - coconuts and crabs

      by , 04-10-2015 at 09:52 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me and my DC friend are being driven to stater bros. by my mom and it's night time. My friend has two huge plastic bags. One is filled with dark brown coconuts. The other is filled with crabs. She tells me they're special and organic and all these things. She tells me she wants to sell them to stater bros. to sell them. So we get out and my mom grabs both bags from her, we think she just want s to help by holding them or wants to see them out of curiosity. Then we all walk into the store and my friend keeps trying to get the bags out of my moms hands but my mom is walking too fast and making a bee line for the produce area. Then my mom walks up to these two box crate type areas in cold section and begins pouring the coconuts into one of them, I yell at my mom for doing so, i tell her we are meaning to sell them, not give them to stater bros. for free so they can solely make money off of them. But my mom just smirks at me, and I try to grab the bag of crabs but she pushes me and pour the crabs into the second box, i turn and look to my friend and she looks defeated and walks away. I look at my mom and give her a dirty look then exit out the store. I walk down the parking lot so I wont have to ride in her car with her, and i keep walking for a long time and cross the street and go into a neighborhood.
    4. 4/10/15 - house in hill

      by , 04-10-2015 at 09:31 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm walking towards a hill, and the sun is shining bright as hell on it I almost can't see what in front of me. I walk closer to it because i see something. As I get closer I see a window, and the dirt is sorta bricked in parts and some parts dirt. I decide to go inside and it's empty and really chilly. The entrance hallway thing leads far, and I know there's no lights in this structure and it feels like somethings off about it so i run back outside and let the sun warm me up a bit because the inside of the building made me so cold.
    5. 4/9/15 - running from everyting

      by , 04-09-2015 at 05:38 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in my grandparents property with someone who seems part my cousin part random DC. It seems about the afternoon, Me and the DC are running and jumping over everything on my grandparents property, and we're trying not to be spotted by my grandparents for some reason. There's snakes, huge snakes in places I don't see until I'm right in front of it and then we both panic and try to run from it but also be quiet so my grandparents don't hear and we jump over this wood fence because my grandpa came out and we try so hard not to be seen but wherever we go grandpas commenting about it and us calmly while we are alarmed and afraid, and this huge anaconda with shiny skin is all curled around the wall we are running towards and it hears us and begins to move but we split past it and then when we turn the corner there's this fricken huge headcrab spider thing and it makes that noise and i can see it tensing up to get ready to jump at us so I push the DC and run for the chain link fence as I hear the thing jumping around behind me, I feel like it's about to jump on me so I panic and go for the pool, my grandma is out near the pool for some reason and I jump into the pool so the headcrab wont get me and then i jump out the other end and my grandma gets mad that i jumped into the pool and i apologize but have to keep running so i run into the garage and wonder why she got angry with me for jumping in the pool i wonder if she put chemicals in it then wake up.
    6. 4/9/15 - alone in ancient cave

      by , 04-09-2015 at 05:26 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in my cousins house I suppose it is, it's unfamiliar in real life but their mom is in downstairs doing something and I'm upstairs waiting in their combined room fro them to come from school. I begin realize things, I combine one thing with one things and create some sort of herbal thing that effects the mind. The more things I make the more I seem to become ancient primitive like. And for some reason I can't stop, I feel compelled. Then my cousin come home and I try to convince them to make some things, one of my cousin doesn't care and sits down and gets on the pc, but the other cousin takes mine instead of makes his own, i didn't mind because I can feel that he can\t comprehend how to make it but he wants the effect. Well he takes it but he doesn't eat it, so meanwhile I\m still changing and now I'm like crawl walking like Tarzan and I decide I need to go and live in the wild and to have more access to the ingredients I need to make more of these things. Suddenly it's dusk and I'm in this square room cave and the ceiling is low and is entirely icicle like stone downwards. At first I have no fear, it's like a maze of stone walls and there's things painted on the floors ans the outer inside walls from the ancients who created this presumably 10 of thousands of years ago. On the floor paintings that warn of snakes in here. On the walls painting that warn of some sort of snake/bore animal and a human is running from it and one has a spear, and then some regular painting of people in Egyptian style art. I'm just walking around thinking about where I'll get my next ingredient and where in here I will sleep when the sun goes all the way down and then suddenly the sun goes down and it's dark and moonlight is shining in and I become scared shitless, and the paintings on the floor of snakes begin to look like real snake bodies all shiny in the moonlight and then I realize there's probably spiders and snakes in between these low hanging stone points that are just above my head so I begin to panic and run out of the cave, and now I'm naked, I'm naked crawling like and jumping and running like an ape and in complete fear and I don't feel like I can survive and I begin to think that it was stupid to go in solitude and that it would be simple if I had a tribe, there would be someone who jobs was to kill the spiders and snakes, surely someone wasn't afraid of spiders and snakes, and I would be the one to get out ingredients and someone could collect food. But I also new that I had no idea of how to get a tribe to live ion this cave with me.
    7. 4/8/15 - dad at window

      by , 04-08-2015 at 05:25 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm laying down at the opposite end of my bed that i sleep at in real life, it's late night maybe early morning, and I sense someone at my window. My cat and my niece are laying in front of me for some reason. The window is open and so is the curtains and blinds. But I'm so tired i ignore the feeling and try to go back to sleep, then I realize my curtains are swaying violently in and out like they're reaching for me. So I turn around and realize my dad is outside at my window trying to grab my arm and fucking with me. I scream to my mom who for some reason is in my sisters room next room and we can communicate as if no wall separates us, she down plays it and says I'm over reacting. So i try to go back to sleep and then my dads arm come for me again and I scream at him and my mom comes and then shes see's i was telling the truth and we shut all the windows and yell that we'll call cops on him if he doesn't leave out the gate.
    8. 4/8/15 - rocket ship

      by , 04-08-2015 at 05:18 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me, my sister and two men are in a rocket ship already out in orbit. Suddenly there's a rumble outside, and we ee fire out the window and the men begin to panic and run everywhere in the rocket ship, but me and my sister just sit there calm with our seat belts buckled. We know we are to prepare for impact, and next thing I know we're already down at earth and crashed in a city that is so blueish grey, and it's over cast. I still have my astronaut suit on, and I walk down towards the shore and the blueish grey waves are going in and out. I see a man sitting my the shore against the bridges beam, he seems to be my uncle, a golden retriever runs up to us, we pet it, but then it runs to this family that are wearing face scarves and they are so happy and think we gave the dog to them, but i just smiled and shook my yes to them thinking its not even my dog and i walk forward because i see my sister and she's still wearing her astronaut suit.
    9. 10/19/14 - snake and train

      by , 10-19-2014 at 05:56 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me and my sister and other people who's faces I can;t see are outside and we have guns and we're shooting each other in the chest and shoulders and nothing happens. We laugh each time and when I was trying to shoot my sister and her trying to shoot me we're jumping around in this corner that is draped in shadow so we can;t see each other and I decide to just shoot randomly into the dark. And then I hear my sister cry out in pain, and then I panic drop the gun and drag her into the light and ask her whats wrong. She's holding her leg and says the two leg bones are broken and her ankle fractured. Someone tells us we need to take her to a hospital to have it wrapped up so the bones will heal back together, but me and my sister don't want to take her and want to wrap them up ourselves and now my leg is starting to mimic her leg wounds so we sit down and realize how dangerous that game was and hide the guns and think about how what if I accidentally shot her face, she would've died. (Dream changes) I'm at my grandmas house and these two egg looking people start painting my moms car black and my mom and uncle doesn't mind so they let them do it even though the paint isn't working right. Then we all get into the car, my whole family somehow. My grandpa goes to my sisters window and says he decided he wants to sit on her side and she convinced him. So I scoot from the middle seat, to the far left and we all fit in. The while waiting for my uncle I'm looking out the window and see the hugest fucking snake I ever saw and its brown yellow and black and longer then an RV. I yell to my grandma that there's a huge snake outside and she gets a shot gun while I'm still watching it and now its grabbed a duck off the ground and is eating it. My grandma shoots at it, I'm not sure if she hit it, but it quickly slithers away to the front into the tree's. Then m,y uncle takes the gun and acts cocky and says he'll go kill it, but we all worry because he hurts himself easily. Then time passes and we get out thinking the snake is eating him but then we see him so we get back in the car and my grandma yells at him for worrying her and then he throws the dead snake on top the car and I'm disgusted because some blood drops are now on the window from the snake. (Dream changes) Me and goldy(the twitch streamer) are walking on this train track and it's down in a two walled ditch. Then we hear a train coming and blowing it's whistle noise so we hide a little and then when it mostly passes we jump onto the last cart of the train. Then he pulls out a wooden train whistle and tries blowing it, but just air came out so he hands it to me to try, and I blow though it and it makes the train noise super loud and then the real train whistles one long one and then three short ones, so I mimic it and then the train driver pulls a lever or something because he made the cart we were on detach from the rest of the train and we see the train leave and ours starts to go out of control and flips to its side and crashes into the ditch walls and catches fire and me and goldy crawl away from it and sit and watch wondering what happened. We guessed that the wooden whistle alerted the big train the the cart was useless or damaged or something. So me and goldy get up and walk to his house(scene changes to his house) He knocks on the door, it's night time now. His girlfriend ally(twitch streamer) opens the door slightly and peeps her head out and asks where goldy's been and then lets us in. He explains to her what happened back with the train, and then ally takes me upstairs and shows me a bedroom I can sleep in for the night but there's other girls in there standing in the dark at the floor and it creeps me out so I ask her if i can use a bathroom and she giggles and says yeah that there's on in the room with the girl and one down stairs, so I tell her I'll use the one down stairs. I didn't want to go into the dark room. I go downstairs and forget about the bathroom and find some of my family sitting on a couch watching a huge tv. I sit with them and my cousin keeps asking me if I knew the things about the show he keeps telling me, and I'm like yeah because I know but get annoyed he keeps asking me things, so I get up and go into a kitchen and see that ally left a letter for me on the fridge but then my cousin runs in and grabs the letter before I can fully read it, I yell at him to give it back. That she wrote it for me and it could be important. But then he puts it into an red cow print notebook and then puts it into his pile of school crap. Then a large man comes into the kitchen asking whats going on and I tell him my cousin is hiding a letter meant for me for some reason and the big guy tells him to give it back but he ignores and smirks, so I push him to the ground and start for his junk, and then my cousin says fine that he'll give me the letter back. He give's me a paper and I can tell it's not the letter so I tell him that's not it, so he's pulls out a blue notebook and tells me it's in there and I tell him no, it's in a red cow print notebook, he looks annoyed that I remember. Then he stands there so I push him again and start looking for the letter but instead I find his binder notebooks that he wrote in them that he loves david arquette, so I point and smile and walk over to his brother but then my cousin calls him over first and I hear him say that I'm gonna try to use finding out he's bi against him to get my letter back. So I tell his brother to pretend like I told him something else that pisses him off and then my cousin gets confused so I grab the letter out of his hands a laugh and tell him that I told his brother nothing, then run into this room that has two tables and my cousin follows me but i just wanted to read my letter alone but mila kunis follows us and is pissed at me for stealing his paper she says. So I tell her it's a letter meant for me and show her and then she gets pissed at my cousin for lying to her because she was going to beat me up to get it back for him. Then we three are at the table and she's super angry and there's puzzles and coloring books now on the table we begin to do.
    10. 10/18/14 - zombies and barely a crowd panic

      by , 10-18-2014 at 08:06 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in a Walmart, I'm slinking around the isles and clothing racks because I feel like I'm being watched. Then I see that there is a big commotion in the center of the store so I sneak over and view from behind some things. It's a low stage covered in a red cloth. Some people are sitting on the ledge telling the people standing around it that there is one zombie in the store and that we need to seclude it before it spreads. Then as people as talking a few zombies clumsily goes after some of the people. Me and some people run for the exit of walmart and there are workers only letting the unaffected people out, after a brief search or my acting normal and also for bites they let me outside. Outside I see some zombies attacking people walking around the parking lot doing normal things. The people don't seem to panic until a zombie specifically targets them. And when a zombie does attack them they scream, run, try to fight the zombies off them and everything expected. As I'm watching this mess in the parking lot a zombie forces itself on top of me and I topple over and it tries to bite my face, but I keep it as far as I can with my hands and then roll a little to my right and shove it off of me with the gravity, then jump up and sprint straight through the parking lot. The scene slightly changes and I'm now on the side walk near an old fashioned looking movie theater. It's as though I've run far enough to where the disease hasn't gotten to in this town. I can see into the theaters open door and see a girl that in my dream I know. She's sitting at a table having food with two people a girl and a boy. For some reason I become angered at myself for not being the one with her at this theater, and angry that I haven't told her about the zombies that are spreading and the fact that now I can't walk up to her. So now old friends from high school show up and make me go into the theater with them to see a movie, I have to walk past her and we give each other a strange look. One of confusion and sorrow. Then I just run down the long restaurant area with many booths. It's dim in here and I sense something weird in a lot of theses people. Like I already know they'll be diseased soon and want to eat me. They already have that sinister look. I open the doors to the theater room and all the seats are already nearly full. So I find a seat next to this girl I used to know who liked me but I didn't like. The whole time I never noticed the movie I was just focused on how the girl I liked was suddenly in this theater seated two rows ahead of me to the left, and trying to brush off this other girls advances who's seated next to me. I eventually notice that everything I tell this girl next to me, she immediately gossips about to two girls next to her so I panic a bit and get up and walk through the row the the end left of the room to exit, but then this big blonde haired guy swings his head towards me and his eyes widen and he jumps up and attacks me making the same zombie noises the other zombies where making. Some people in the seats jump up and push off me and I slam hard against the floor and look up to realize some of the other seated people have turned, and are going after people. We all rush out of the theater room and I'm out first, but then I remember the her and shoot back into the room and she's still in her seat covering her head so I grab her arm and we run out and running through the booths area they're all zombies and dragging people by their arms into the booths and we almost make it to the exit, but in the rush we get pushed into a booth and we sit there with our heads down hoping the zombies attention wont be drawn to us. But then a zombie jumps on us so I kick them off and we run out the theater. I see three motorcycles, bicycles, and then this golf cart. For some reason I thought it a better idea to take the golf cart instead of a faster motorcycle. So me the girl, and now for some reason hank hill and bobby hill are on the golf cart driving out of this mess, zombies now everywhere. The scene changes a little and we're driving on cliff side roads that have sharp unexpected turns. I have hank hill lecturing me on the road and -panicking behind me the whole time. Every time he says something I almost drive off the cliff. The scene changes again and we make it to this area of open desert, but the dirt has lots of tired marks depicting somewhat a road. I stop in this circle that's surrounded by lots of dirt paths, lots of ways to go. It's like a compass, and when you look down at the floor these brown arrows move closer to sight and say what is ahead each way. Hank Hill says Billbur City sounds like a smart way to go. We image it to be big, populated, and new. But when we get there it is completely deserted, old, deteriorated. Although there are lots of tall deteriorated buildings. We see a man walking down the street with his head down towards us. Bobby yells to him "HEYYYY". And then it shoots its head up and sloppily sprints to us and we realize it is a zombie and that must be why the city looks like this, then zombies star coming from inside buildings at us, and we speed in the golf cart through allies and junk. There's old buses, tires , and crap everywhere. We see a few cats, and wonder how they are surviving. Then we squeeze the cart through this back yard into under someones carport, and there's junk everywhere, but we see jarred potatoes, I almost grab it because we are hungry but for some reason I don't. Then we see this guy stand in front of the cart and we all freak thinking its a zombie, but it's not. It's a survivor and he's looks covered in ash. He asks us calmly what we're doing here, and none of us know what to say. He points us into the house that the carport is attached to. We get off the golf cart and enter the house. When I go in I realize it's my grandmas house but ti's not, somebody hoarded trash bags in the kitchen, my grandma doesn't do that. Then I walk into the living room and there;'s a blanket on the floor, now the girl hank and bobby hill are all gone and me and my grandma are annoyed that someone put a blanket on her floor under the furniture. And then we sit down confused for awhile. Woke up.
    11. 10/5/14 - submarine

      by , 10-05-2014 at 06:30 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me and my sister are in a submarine with and older man with grey hair and his son who looks older than me and my sister. The submarine malfunctions and the man says he has to park it on the sea floor. He doesn't have time to find flat sea floor to park it because it's already going down so it's gets parked on a hill underwater making us a little tilted. The man then tries to use the submarines phone, but it doesn't work either. The man says we have to leave the submarine than try to swim to the top. The older man and his son go first, they go behind a door then close it and me and my sister don't know what happened next and we worry that we won't know how to get out. Then me and my sister walk towards the door but then we feel the submarine falling to the side it was leaning and me and my sister slam into what was the ceiling and we panic because now the only exit is beneath us trapped shut by the sea floor. We try to figure something out but there is nothing to be done, so I go and try the phone again, first try it was static. Then the second try I got the phone to work so I hurriedly called my grandma thinking the phone might go out again. She picks up and I scream into the phone that the submarine went down on its side and on top its only exit and that we won't make it long because the monitor in the sub says that it's losing oxygen pretty fast. My Grandma sounded like she was trying to be calm at first but and survey the situation but then she started to sound worried and got quiet, and then sounded like on the verge of tears and asked if there was anything I wanted her to know, and I knew we all knew we wouldn't make it so I started to weep while telling my Grandma that I love her and that she's the only reason my childhood was good and said some other things and then I gave the phone to my sister so she could talk. While they talked I looked around the sub for maybe an exit I didn't see before but then I woke up.
    12. 9/28/14 - fell asleep in garden

      by , 09-28-2014 at 07:44 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm walking back and forth in my Grandmas house slash my house. My sister is doing the same, we're collecting our stuff and putting it in the kitchen. We're getting ready to take it out of the house to leave or something. Then this other girl starts walking back in the house also. At first we try to hide somethings in case she's here to take them, but I realize each time we pass each other she is paying more attention to me then the tasks she's pretending to do. So without saying it with voice, all three of us agree to let her live with us were we are going and taking the stuff. Then I'm at her house to help her take her things. I've never seen this place before and her dad is being super nice to me. While the girl goes back and forth taking her stuff out, her dad takes me into the green house that's connected to the house by a door, and tells me he makes money by selling the plants he picks, but that there's over produce of the brown, white, and purple plants and that I can pick from those colors so I can plant them at my new home so I'll have sustenance for us as long as I'm willing to love and care for the plants. I look around and see lots of brown and white root type thing, then I see purple prickly pear pads, I question to myself why they are deep purple rather than the usual green, and the dad answers me that it's a different species. I then wonder if the fruit it will bear will be and even deeper color of red. I decide I want the prickly pear pad so I go through them all but a lot of them are a little old and shriveled, but then I find better shaped healthy one and pick it up and get cactus spine in my finger and immediately pull it out. Then the dad calls me to the plants on the floor, it's like little green tomatoes in a patch, he's laying sideways so I sit next to him, he tells me to pick one, so I pick up a reddish one and get a little spine in my finger and pick it out again. Then the dad gets spines in his leg, and I get some in my arm and thigh, and we focus on that when the girl and her little sister or little cousin comes into the green house and sits next to us. The girl helps remove the spines that I can't remove, and then the dad goes into the house. The girls little friend tells me to keep picking out plants for my new house, but then I get super tired and falls asleep between two patches, and the two girls continue picking out plants for the house. While asleep I telepathically feel the little girl notice telepathically that me and the girl who was in my house are smitten over each other. When I wake up the reddish fruit isn't in my hand anymore, but instead a sequin thing is there and I jump up quick to find it, but the two girls are standing there and the girls little friend says we're ready to go to our new house and that we'll be happy and watch the afternoon elvis' every day and eat what we grow. Then I wonder what the heck is a elvis, and think it must be what on the tv's here, but that my old tv had too many channels for me to see or hear of it.
    13. 9/21/04 - telepathic dream thing I had a little while ago

      by , 09-21-2014 at 06:59 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      (Hypnagogic Hallucination): So I slightly woke up into the state between asleep and awake sometime in the dark early morning, and heard my mom and half sister talking, then I started to hear my dad talking (my dad whom I haven't spoken to or seen in years and would like to keep it that way, so you can imagine how bizarre it would be to hear him talking in my house to my mom and half sister all chill like everything's cool) to my mom and half sister. This made me super confused, and the first thing my sister and I would do in such a situation would be confide in each other but I was way to drowsy to even get up so without even doubting that I had the ability I started to telepathically communicate to my sister who was sleeping in her room next to mine, I communicated to her a thought, but if I were to put it into words It was something like 'Do you hear this?' and she instantly communicated back to me into my knowing that 'something is wrong here'. (Then I instantly fell into sleep)

      So later in the morning when I woke up fully I realized more fully what I did earlier, and waited for my sister to wake up to ask her if she experienced me communicating to her last night. When she woke up, she wanted to tell me about her dream she had, so I let her and I was gonna tell her about the telepathic thing after. She told me that she was having a nice dream until suddenly it was shot into a dream where we were in our old childhood bedroom sitting indian style across from each other. We both looked up at the same time, making perfect eye contact and we knew that something was wrong and that the door had to be locked. She jumped up and locked the door immediately. After it was locked we both heard our dad storming around and we made eye contact again because we knew he was coming and we knew locking the door was the right thing to do.

      So my paranoid hypnagogic hallucination made me communicate telepathically to my sis while she herself was dreaming, which threw her into a nightmare on the topic I was communicating to her about I'm thinking....
    14. 9/21/14 - ninja turtle paper towels

      by , 09-21-2014 at 06:25 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I am at my old house, while walking up the street towards my house I see a new roll of paper towels on the side walk. I look to the house nearest and see no one but here scuffing in their garage. I turned back to the paper towels and realize there are colorful things printed on them, so I pick it up and unroll some of it to see what is on it. Each single paper towel has the face of one of the teen age mutant ninja turtles on it with the eye part cut out so kids could use it as a shitty mask. I want to wear one so bad, so I keep unrolling it until I find the one with the blue mask, and after like ten paper towels length I find the blue one, but then I realized I was wearing a shitty cotton ninja turtle top that look like their body and it has red bracelets, and I got irritated because now I can't wear the blue mask because I have the red masked ones body so I found the red mask and ripped it off the roll and put it to my face and it stayed there somehow. Then I ran up into my yard and into my house where the bathroom has been re-arranged for some reason and has all new stuff like the toilet. For some reason the toilet can twist in place like as if a computer chair had no wheels but the seat part could still go in circles. After messing around with all the new bathroom stuff I went into the garage were some man kept rushing me to get ready faster because I have to get back to school before the bell rings, but my paper towel got messed up so I told him to wait which annoyed him, then I ran back into the street where the paper towels were but they weren't there anymore so I came back and had to repair my mask and somehow I did and it looked brand new. Then I wore it to school and I was boss as shit.
    15. 7/22/14 - sriracha whiskay

      by , 07-22-2014 at 09:26 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I walk into the living room and see that the house is filled with grey haired people. I ask my mom why all these people are here, and she says because she decided to have a party with her friends, but I knew that she only knew a few of these people. I particularly wasn't fond of this one loud man. His interactions with me, my friend and my mom as we where talking was annoying me. For some reason I had a green square shaped glass bottle of sriracha sauce, and I had left it on the wooden bench against the wall. I went off and had small nervous conversation with someone I know. Then the party was over, and I remembered my bottle and I walked over to it and saw that it only had a forth left in the bottle, and I knew it was full before the party. At first I thought it had a leak, and I examined the bottle but it just hit me that the annoying man must've made drinks with it. Then I snapped and he appeared and laughed and said he enjoyed it and smugly thanked me for it, then he disappeared again. Then I angrily turned to my mom and friend and kept yelling that he drank my whiskay! (I didn't say whiskey, I kept saying whiskay) HE DRANK MY WHISKAY!
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