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    Leaving the matrix

    1/28/14 - horrible sightings in the sky

    by , 01-28-2014 at 11:08 PM (992 Views)
    Me my sister and my half sister are standing in my yard in front of my house. It is pitch dark night. For some reason we are looking into the sky and night clouds form, then we see them form into land in the sky, choppy patterned green beige and orange islands. They are frightened and ask me what is going on, I tell them a storm is coming, but not the usual kind. They are confused by my explanation. I tell them a storm of evil is coming. And I was right, we see two missiles shoot down from the sky from far away, and it lands somewhere and the earth rumbles a little bit, and I bright flash of light shines from of the earth where the missiles landed. I told them now look what forms in the sky, we look and we see symbols, satanic symbols. Evil depictions. My mom runs out and asks what's going on, I tell her to look at the sky, she does and see's all the things, they form and disappear fast and new things form. Then I pointed them all to a part of the sky that seems to have a holy depiction, we are iffy of it but I can tell we all seem relieved by it. Then we all walk towards the house and go into the door into the house and we lose our worry.
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    1. DorianMask's Avatar
      This is the best ideological symbolism I've read all day, cheers to your SC lol
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    2. Narwhal's Avatar
      Thank you DorianMask!