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    Leaving the matrix

    10/18/14 - zombies and barely a crowd panic

    by , 10-18-2014 at 08:06 PM (549 Views)
    I'm in a Walmart, I'm slinking around the isles and clothing racks because I feel like I'm being watched. Then I see that there is a big commotion in the center of the store so I sneak over and view from behind some things. It's a low stage covered in a red cloth. Some people are sitting on the ledge telling the people standing around it that there is one zombie in the store and that we need to seclude it before it spreads. Then as people as talking a few zombies clumsily goes after some of the people. Me and some people run for the exit of walmart and there are workers only letting the unaffected people out, after a brief search or my acting normal and also for bites they let me outside. Outside I see some zombies attacking people walking around the parking lot doing normal things. The people don't seem to panic until a zombie specifically targets them. And when a zombie does attack them they scream, run, try to fight the zombies off them and everything expected. As I'm watching this mess in the parking lot a zombie forces itself on top of me and I topple over and it tries to bite my face, but I keep it as far as I can with my hands and then roll a little to my right and shove it off of me with the gravity, then jump up and sprint straight through the parking lot. The scene slightly changes and I'm now on the side walk near an old fashioned looking movie theater. It's as though I've run far enough to where the disease hasn't gotten to in this town. I can see into the theaters open door and see a girl that in my dream I know. She's sitting at a table having food with two people a girl and a boy. For some reason I become angered at myself for not being the one with her at this theater, and angry that I haven't told her about the zombies that are spreading and the fact that now I can't walk up to her. So now old friends from high school show up and make me go into the theater with them to see a movie, I have to walk past her and we give each other a strange look. One of confusion and sorrow. Then I just run down the long restaurant area with many booths. It's dim in here and I sense something weird in a lot of theses people. Like I already know they'll be diseased soon and want to eat me. They already have that sinister look. I open the doors to the theater room and all the seats are already nearly full. So I find a seat next to this girl I used to know who liked me but I didn't like. The whole time I never noticed the movie I was just focused on how the girl I liked was suddenly in this theater seated two rows ahead of me to the left, and trying to brush off this other girls advances who's seated next to me. I eventually notice that everything I tell this girl next to me, she immediately gossips about to two girls next to her so I panic a bit and get up and walk through the row the the end left of the room to exit, but then this big blonde haired guy swings his head towards me and his eyes widen and he jumps up and attacks me making the same zombie noises the other zombies where making. Some people in the seats jump up and push off me and I slam hard against the floor and look up to realize some of the other seated people have turned, and are going after people. We all rush out of the theater room and I'm out first, but then I remember the her and shoot back into the room and she's still in her seat covering her head so I grab her arm and we run out and running through the booths area they're all zombies and dragging people by their arms into the booths and we almost make it to the exit, but in the rush we get pushed into a booth and we sit there with our heads down hoping the zombies attention wont be drawn to us. But then a zombie jumps on us so I kick them off and we run out the theater. I see three motorcycles, bicycles, and then this golf cart. For some reason I thought it a better idea to take the golf cart instead of a faster motorcycle. So me the girl, and now for some reason hank hill and bobby hill are on the golf cart driving out of this mess, zombies now everywhere. The scene changes a little and we're driving on cliff side roads that have sharp unexpected turns. I have hank hill lecturing me on the road and -panicking behind me the whole time. Every time he says something I almost drive off the cliff. The scene changes again and we make it to this area of open desert, but the dirt has lots of tired marks depicting somewhat a road. I stop in this circle that's surrounded by lots of dirt paths, lots of ways to go. It's like a compass, and when you look down at the floor these brown arrows move closer to sight and say what is ahead each way. Hank Hill says Billbur City sounds like a smart way to go. We image it to be big, populated, and new. But when we get there it is completely deserted, old, deteriorated. Although there are lots of tall deteriorated buildings. We see a man walking down the street with his head down towards us. Bobby yells to him "HEYYYY". And then it shoots its head up and sloppily sprints to us and we realize it is a zombie and that must be why the city looks like this, then zombies star coming from inside buildings at us, and we speed in the golf cart through allies and junk. There's old buses, tires , and crap everywhere. We see a few cats, and wonder how they are surviving. Then we squeeze the cart through this back yard into under someones carport, and there's junk everywhere, but we see jarred potatoes, I almost grab it because we are hungry but for some reason I don't. Then we see this guy stand in front of the cart and we all freak thinking its a zombie, but it's not. It's a survivor and he's looks covered in ash. He asks us calmly what we're doing here, and none of us know what to say. He points us into the house that the carport is attached to. We get off the golf cart and enter the house. When I go in I realize it's my grandmas house but ti's not, somebody hoarded trash bags in the kitchen, my grandma doesn't do that. Then I walk into the living room and there;'s a blanket on the floor, now the girl hank and bobby hill are all gone and me and my grandma are annoyed that someone put a blanket on her floor under the furniture. And then we sit down confused for awhile. Woke up.

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