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    Leaving the matrix

    10/19/14 - snake and train

    by , 10-19-2014 at 05:56 PM (641 Views)
    Me and my sister and other people who's faces I can;t see are outside and we have guns and we're shooting each other in the chest and shoulders and nothing happens. We laugh each time and when I was trying to shoot my sister and her trying to shoot me we're jumping around in this corner that is draped in shadow so we can;t see each other and I decide to just shoot randomly into the dark. And then I hear my sister cry out in pain, and then I panic drop the gun and drag her into the light and ask her whats wrong. She's holding her leg and says the two leg bones are broken and her ankle fractured. Someone tells us we need to take her to a hospital to have it wrapped up so the bones will heal back together, but me and my sister don't want to take her and want to wrap them up ourselves and now my leg is starting to mimic her leg wounds so we sit down and realize how dangerous that game was and hide the guns and think about how what if I accidentally shot her face, she would've died. (Dream changes) I'm at my grandmas house and these two egg looking people start painting my moms car black and my mom and uncle doesn't mind so they let them do it even though the paint isn't working right. Then we all get into the car, my whole family somehow. My grandpa goes to my sisters window and says he decided he wants to sit on her side and she convinced him. So I scoot from the middle seat, to the far left and we all fit in. The while waiting for my uncle I'm looking out the window and see the hugest fucking snake I ever saw and its brown yellow and black and longer then an RV. I yell to my grandma that there's a huge snake outside and she gets a shot gun while I'm still watching it and now its grabbed a duck off the ground and is eating it. My grandma shoots at it, I'm not sure if she hit it, but it quickly slithers away to the front into the tree's. Then m,y uncle takes the gun and acts cocky and says he'll go kill it, but we all worry because he hurts himself easily. Then time passes and we get out thinking the snake is eating him but then we see him so we get back in the car and my grandma yells at him for worrying her and then he throws the dead snake on top the car and I'm disgusted because some blood drops are now on the window from the snake. (Dream changes) Me and goldy(the twitch streamer) are walking on this train track and it's down in a two walled ditch. Then we hear a train coming and blowing it's whistle noise so we hide a little and then when it mostly passes we jump onto the last cart of the train. Then he pulls out a wooden train whistle and tries blowing it, but just air came out so he hands it to me to try, and I blow though it and it makes the train noise super loud and then the real train whistles one long one and then three short ones, so I mimic it and then the train driver pulls a lever or something because he made the cart we were on detach from the rest of the train and we see the train leave and ours starts to go out of control and flips to its side and crashes into the ditch walls and catches fire and me and goldy crawl away from it and sit and watch wondering what happened. We guessed that the wooden whistle alerted the big train the the cart was useless or damaged or something. So me and goldy get up and walk to his house(scene changes to his house) He knocks on the door, it's night time now. His girlfriend ally(twitch streamer) opens the door slightly and peeps her head out and asks where goldy's been and then lets us in. He explains to her what happened back with the train, and then ally takes me upstairs and shows me a bedroom I can sleep in for the night but there's other girls in there standing in the dark at the floor and it creeps me out so I ask her if i can use a bathroom and she giggles and says yeah that there's on in the room with the girl and one down stairs, so I tell her I'll use the one down stairs. I didn't want to go into the dark room. I go downstairs and forget about the bathroom and find some of my family sitting on a couch watching a huge tv. I sit with them and my cousin keeps asking me if I knew the things about the show he keeps telling me, and I'm like yeah because I know but get annoyed he keeps asking me things, so I get up and go into a kitchen and see that ally left a letter for me on the fridge but then my cousin runs in and grabs the letter before I can fully read it, I yell at him to give it back. That she wrote it for me and it could be important. But then he puts it into an red cow print notebook and then puts it into his pile of school crap. Then a large man comes into the kitchen asking whats going on and I tell him my cousin is hiding a letter meant for me for some reason and the big guy tells him to give it back but he ignores and smirks, so I push him to the ground and start for his junk, and then my cousin says fine that he'll give me the letter back. He give's me a paper and I can tell it's not the letter so I tell him that's not it, so he's pulls out a blue notebook and tells me it's in there and I tell him no, it's in a red cow print notebook, he looks annoyed that I remember. Then he stands there so I push him again and start looking for the letter but instead I find his binder notebooks that he wrote in them that he loves david arquette, so I point and smile and walk over to his brother but then my cousin calls him over first and I hear him say that I'm gonna try to use finding out he's bi against him to get my letter back. So I tell his brother to pretend like I told him something else that pisses him off and then my cousin gets confused so I grab the letter out of his hands a laugh and tell him that I told his brother nothing, then run into this room that has two tables and my cousin follows me but i just wanted to read my letter alone but mila kunis follows us and is pissed at me for stealing his paper she says. So I tell her it's a letter meant for me and show her and then she gets pissed at my cousin for lying to her because she was going to beat me up to get it back for him. Then we three are at the table and she's super angry and there's puzzles and coloring books now on the table we begin to do.

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