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    Leaving the matrix

    4/8/15 - rocket ship

    by , 04-08-2015 at 05:18 PM (591 Views)
    Me, my sister and two men are in a rocket ship already out in orbit. Suddenly there's a rumble outside, and we ee fire out the window and the men begin to panic and run everywhere in the rocket ship, but me and my sister just sit there calm with our seat belts buckled. We know we are to prepare for impact, and next thing I know we're already down at earth and crashed in a city that is so blueish grey, and it's over cast. I still have my astronaut suit on, and I walk down towards the shore and the blueish grey waves are going in and out. I see a man sitting my the shore against the bridges beam, he seems to be my uncle, a golden retriever runs up to us, we pet it, but then it runs to this family that are wearing face scarves and they are so happy and think we gave the dog to them, but i just smiled and shook my yes to them thinking its not even my dog and i walk forward because i see my sister and she's still wearing her astronaut suit.
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