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    Leaving the matrix

    5/9/14 - tyra banks?

    by , 05-09-2014 at 05:35 PM (432 Views)
    Dream Fragment: Me and like three other girls have military fleet ships in the sea, I purposely ignored the other ships radioing me because I was tired, and when we got back to shore the other girls walked away from me into the netted base and whispered stuff to tyra banks. Tyra then said she wanted to have a talk with me and sat next to me and I told her "I know, now you're gonna take my fleet ship away from me, and I have to leave". She looked at me in shock and said "No, just answer the radio next time". Then she walked away, and I walked down some boardwalk confused contemplating how I got my punishment so wrong and admired tyra's mercy.

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