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    Leaving the matrix

    7/18/13 - vegas/water

    by , 07-17-2013 at 11:14 PM (398 Views)
    My mom tells me that we're going back to Vegas, even though we went last month. She say we're going today and that we need to pack now. I go in my room and get distracted by something, next thing I know me my sister and my mom are in the car driving through Nevada desert. When we get there I get out of the car and realize that I am in my pajamas, I panic because then I realize I didn't pack anything at all! I have no clothes to change into and I'm not even wearing any socks or shoes. I tell my mom this and ask her if we can go back home so I can pack things, my mom says no and that it was a 7 hour drive, but my grandma over hears and says she'll take me back home to get clothes and my mom says okay. next thing I know I'm at my grandmas house, we're entering the front door, she tells me to go and pack everything I need and that she'll cook us some dinner real quick so I go, but I go into the bathroom and get distracted, a cat is licking water that is overflowing from the bathtub, i think someone left the water running on accident so I try to find how to turn it off, the switches are strange, but I finally see an on/off switch and flick it then the water turns off. I leave the bathroom, but then for some reason turn around and go back in, this time my little dog is drinking from the toilet water, it is overflowing, I figure i must've done something to it, so I run and tell my grandma and she fixes it. Again I leave the bathroom and remember I should be packing and we'll be leaving soon, but when I get to the back bedroom I see water leaking in, from a trail that leads back to the bathroom, so I follow it and see it is the sink overflowing with water, but i don't seem to know what to do, I just stare at it until my grandma walks in, she says she'll take care of it and tells me to go pack so I go back to the room and grab a back pack, I throw on some clothes and for some reason decide not to wear my usual shoes, I put on one black vans slip on and then walk out the room and bring the back pack, but then I freak out when I realize I only have one shoe on and go back to the back room and dig through other peoples shoes trying to find my other match. When I find it i go to the kitchen and we eat meat and soup. Then we decide to head back to Vegas. Next thing I know we are in Vegas in a hotel room, I open my backpack and see that everything is dirty, all the clothes, but I'm happy that i have clothes anyway, but i try to hide the clothes so no one see's that they are dirty, but everyone in the room starts to look in and i zip my backpack and put it next to my feet so that they can't get at it and look at it.

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