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    Leaving the matrix

    7/30/13 - human pieces boardgame or something

    by , 07-30-2013 at 06:13 PM (529 Views)
    Me and these other DC's are in waiting in this elevated hallway, there's large long windows running down each wall and you can see outside through them and it looks like winter is coming. Then some weird creature looking thing runs from out of nowhere towards us and says it begins now. So I want to get the edge on the competition so I just run towards where the thing came from not knowing what to do. There is a door ahead a little off to the left of the wall, and there is two doors on the ground one behind the other, the other DC's come to the conclusion that one must choose the correct door to proceed, but I know that we have to go open each door and collect and recall things, so I open the first door on the floor, and something comes out, it looks like some creature man, I memorize it, and open the next door as some of the DC's go into the previous door and presumably get stuck. I know it's the vertical door we must go into, so I run to it and enter. The me and about 5 other DC's are in this candy land looking place, and my sister is here too. We find clue written on random things telling us to find things like a scavenger hunt, me and my sister decide to work together, we go into this really small house and read a clue that we need to find a blue dragon wrapped in cellophane, I can't find it but my sister pulls it from the floor, it must've been under the table. So we get out of the really small house and keep searching for stuff on the list, the next things we need to find are all the little action figures, it says that we must search the neighbor play houses of the main character, so we run to the other play houses, and we see the other DC's searching for stuff, this kid we don't like keeps trying to race passed us and get the objects we are searching at the moment so I get physical with him and push him into vacuum and computer boxes and we get ahead and get the the houses, but some one else got the action figures, so we look for something else but everything is found, then we are all called to the front of this place by this creature guy and he determines who has found the most items. I realize it seems I hardly found anything and I notice that one of the people found a red dragon wrapped in cellophane instead of a blue one and they don't even know it's not correct. But luckily my sister won it for us. there was no prize really but I think we will be the only ones let out of this place.

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