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    Leaving the matrix

    Lucid #1 a couple weeks ago

    by , 05-16-2013 at 01:58 AM (494 Views)
    (DILD) I was in some weird mansion type place, half scary ride looking and half red-light district looking. Some woman with strawberry blonde hair and tattoos walks up to me singing and I think that my cousin might like her music (then i became lucid for some reason) I realize i am dreaming and when I turn a corner i decide to try to change the scene, I open a door and try to picture something but i couldn't think of a good scene, so i ended up at my grandmas house. it's dark out though. I don't go to see my grandparents or anything though, instead I decide to work on my flying, I'm not very good at it yet. I put my arms in the air like super man and take off fast, but then I start to fall backwards back to earth, the feeling is horrible like the tickle feeling on a roller-coaster. I try again and try to go up and straight instead of straight up then falling back down. As I'm practicing my flying I see things in the dark, such as shadow men and yellowish white rotted skinned men and they're running from behind tree to tree slowly getting closer to me, I think that they're just something i created out of nervousness so I decide to change scenes again, i take off into the air shitfully and the scene changes into some mall filled with a lot of people. I fly to the second story and go into and ice cream parlor (my lucidity fades back into non lucid dreaming) I notice big line at each ice cream flavor and I can't see what flavors there are so I get irritated and smack them all in the back of the head and then they chase me around the shop and each go around i try to get a look at the flavors, i really wanted pistachio ice cream. (i woke up)

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