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    1. 4/9/15 - running from everyting

      by , 04-09-2015 at 05:38 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in my grandparents property with someone who seems part my cousin part random DC. It seems about the afternoon, Me and the DC are running and jumping over everything on my grandparents property, and we're trying not to be spotted by my grandparents for some reason. There's snakes, huge snakes in places I don't see until I'm right in front of it and then we both panic and try to run from it but also be quiet so my grandparents don't hear and we jump over this wood fence because my grandpa came out and we try so hard not to be seen but wherever we go grandpas commenting about it and us calmly while we are alarmed and afraid, and this huge anaconda with shiny skin is all curled around the wall we are running towards and it hears us and begins to move but we split past it and then when we turn the corner there's this fricken huge headcrab spider thing and it makes that noise and i can see it tensing up to get ready to jump at us so I push the DC and run for the chain link fence as I hear the thing jumping around behind me, I feel like it's about to jump on me so I panic and go for the pool, my grandma is out near the pool for some reason and I jump into the pool so the headcrab wont get me and then i jump out the other end and my grandma gets mad that i jumped into the pool and i apologize but have to keep running so i run into the garage and wonder why she got angry with me for jumping in the pool i wonder if she put chemicals in it then wake up.
    2. 4/9/15 - alone in ancient cave

      by , 04-09-2015 at 05:26 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in my cousins house I suppose it is, it's unfamiliar in real life but their mom is in downstairs doing something and I'm upstairs waiting in their combined room fro them to come from school. I begin realize things, I combine one thing with one things and create some sort of herbal thing that effects the mind. The more things I make the more I seem to become ancient primitive like. And for some reason I can't stop, I feel compelled. Then my cousin come home and I try to convince them to make some things, one of my cousin doesn't care and sits down and gets on the pc, but the other cousin takes mine instead of makes his own, i didn't mind because I can feel that he can\t comprehend how to make it but he wants the effect. Well he takes it but he doesn't eat it, so meanwhile I\m still changing and now I'm like crawl walking like Tarzan and I decide I need to go and live in the wild and to have more access to the ingredients I need to make more of these things. Suddenly it's dusk and I'm in this square room cave and the ceiling is low and is entirely icicle like stone downwards. At first I have no fear, it's like a maze of stone walls and there's things painted on the floors ans the outer inside walls from the ancients who created this presumably 10 of thousands of years ago. On the floor paintings that warn of snakes in here. On the walls painting that warn of some sort of snake/bore animal and a human is running from it and one has a spear, and then some regular painting of people in Egyptian style art. I'm just walking around thinking about where I'll get my next ingredient and where in here I will sleep when the sun goes all the way down and then suddenly the sun goes down and it's dark and moonlight is shining in and I become scared shitless, and the paintings on the floor of snakes begin to look like real snake bodies all shiny in the moonlight and then I realize there's probably spiders and snakes in between these low hanging stone points that are just above my head so I begin to panic and run out of the cave, and now I'm naked, I'm naked crawling like and jumping and running like an ape and in complete fear and I don't feel like I can survive and I begin to think that it was stupid to go in solitude and that it would be simple if I had a tribe, there would be someone who jobs was to kill the spiders and snakes, surely someone wasn't afraid of spiders and snakes, and I would be the one to get out ingredients and someone could collect food. But I also new that I had no idea of how to get a tribe to live ion this cave with me.
    3. 4/8/15 - dad at window

      by , 04-08-2015 at 05:25 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm laying down at the opposite end of my bed that i sleep at in real life, it's late night maybe early morning, and I sense someone at my window. My cat and my niece are laying in front of me for some reason. The window is open and so is the curtains and blinds. But I'm so tired i ignore the feeling and try to go back to sleep, then I realize my curtains are swaying violently in and out like they're reaching for me. So I turn around and realize my dad is outside at my window trying to grab my arm and fucking with me. I scream to my mom who for some reason is in my sisters room next room and we can communicate as if no wall separates us, she down plays it and says I'm over reacting. So i try to go back to sleep and then my dads arm come for me again and I scream at him and my mom comes and then shes see's i was telling the truth and we shut all the windows and yell that we'll call cops on him if he doesn't leave out the gate.
    4. 10/5/14 - submarine

      by , 10-05-2014 at 06:30 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me and my sister are in a submarine with and older man with grey hair and his son who looks older than me and my sister. The submarine malfunctions and the man says he has to park it on the sea floor. He doesn't have time to find flat sea floor to park it because it's already going down so it's gets parked on a hill underwater making us a little tilted. The man then tries to use the submarines phone, but it doesn't work either. The man says we have to leave the submarine than try to swim to the top. The older man and his son go first, they go behind a door then close it and me and my sister don't know what happened next and we worry that we won't know how to get out. Then me and my sister walk towards the door but then we feel the submarine falling to the side it was leaning and me and my sister slam into what was the ceiling and we panic because now the only exit is beneath us trapped shut by the sea floor. We try to figure something out but there is nothing to be done, so I go and try the phone again, first try it was static. Then the second try I got the phone to work so I hurriedly called my grandma thinking the phone might go out again. She picks up and I scream into the phone that the submarine went down on its side and on top its only exit and that we won't make it long because the monitor in the sub says that it's losing oxygen pretty fast. My Grandma sounded like she was trying to be calm at first but and survey the situation but then she started to sound worried and got quiet, and then sounded like on the verge of tears and asked if there was anything I wanted her to know, and I knew we all knew we wouldn't make it so I started to weep while telling my Grandma that I love her and that she's the only reason my childhood was good and said some other things and then I gave the phone to my sister so she could talk. While they talked I looked around the sub for maybe an exit I didn't see before but then I woke up.
    5. 9/21/04 - telepathic dream thing I had a little while ago

      by , 09-21-2014 at 06:59 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      (Hypnagogic Hallucination): So I slightly woke up into the state between asleep and awake sometime in the dark early morning, and heard my mom and half sister talking, then I started to hear my dad talking (my dad whom I haven't spoken to or seen in years and would like to keep it that way, so you can imagine how bizarre it would be to hear him talking in my house to my mom and half sister all chill like everything's cool) to my mom and half sister. This made me super confused, and the first thing my sister and I would do in such a situation would be confide in each other but I was way to drowsy to even get up so without even doubting that I had the ability I started to telepathically communicate to my sister who was sleeping in her room next to mine, I communicated to her a thought, but if I were to put it into words It was something like 'Do you hear this?' and she instantly communicated back to me into my knowing that 'something is wrong here'. (Then I instantly fell into sleep)

      So later in the morning when I woke up fully I realized more fully what I did earlier, and waited for my sister to wake up to ask her if she experienced me communicating to her last night. When she woke up, she wanted to tell me about her dream she had, so I let her and I was gonna tell her about the telepathic thing after. She told me that she was having a nice dream until suddenly it was shot into a dream where we were in our old childhood bedroom sitting indian style across from each other. We both looked up at the same time, making perfect eye contact and we knew that something was wrong and that the door had to be locked. She jumped up and locked the door immediately. After it was locked we both heard our dad storming around and we made eye contact again because we knew he was coming and we knew locking the door was the right thing to do.

      So my paranoid hypnagogic hallucination made me communicate telepathically to my sis while she herself was dreaming, which threw her into a nightmare on the topic I was communicating to her about I'm thinking....
    6. 1/24/14 - tribal tyrant

      by , 01-24-2014 at 09:35 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm and african man in this drream, i'm sitting next to some other tribes people. It looks like we are in africa. The tribes leader comes to the crow infuriated and says he wants me and my friend dead, so me and the man run. This pisses the tribe leader off and he gets on this canopy covered machine that sways when it walks, and he chases us with it. We hide in a group and he can't see us, he never really got a good look at us to begin with. Now he's using this huge flame thrower and burning everyone who won't move, everyone in his path. I see people trying to climb a fence but getting burned down and so we all run towards the swamp where the trees and rocks are. we all gather there because we can't cross it because there are alligators in there and the green crap on top you can't see where they are. Then the tribe leader comes and decides to make a game of it, he forces us one by one to run jump or swim across the swamp, so he pushes the first man, and he makes it even though and alligator jumped at him and almost got him. This infuriates the tribe leader. Then he sends this woman to go, she jumps but then falls in and swim's fast enough but gets bit on the back of her neck. The tribe l;leader laughs at her. Then he sends a rather skinny fellow, her tries to jump from rock to rock but and alligator trips him with its tail and he falls in head first and he never comes back up after we see a struggle and alligator tails flailing, we all hang our heads in sorrow while the tribe leader laughs even louder. Now he sends me, I try to run across as fast as possible but then I fall into a very deep part of the swamp and I struggle to swim I know the gators are every where but someone drags me out from the other side and I hear the tribe leader scream in anger, then I run some more to get away from the swamp I feel the gators will come out and get me.
    7. 1/20/14 - dat dumbass

      by , 01-21-2014 at 11:56 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm walking into the house from being at my grandmas or something, like from a short vacation. When I walk in the house I see my dad walk in from the hallway. I instantly know he's been in my room. I become infuriated for my mom letting him in our house and he instantly tries to regain power of the house and us. I tell my mom to call the cops now I know he has no right but she acts like she's too afraid. So I go to my room and dig through stuff for some reason, then I hear him coming so I go to my door and shut it and lock it. He starts banging on the door, and brakes it in. Then he tries to make me back down, but I don't and tell him I'll steal everything right back. And I'll sell his shit as fast as he sells mine. He becomes enraged because he can't instill fear in me, so he pushed me on my bed and had this metal stick and stabbed it at my throat, i try to block it with my hands but it cuts my skin and he walks out of my room. I run out behind him and plea with my mom to step up again but she just stands there and smile, so I turn around and hear him digging in my room, then he walks out with some of my stuff and a stack of my money and he laughs at me telling me what he's going to do with it, but then I get up and grab the money and put it in my pocket and say the same things back.
    8. 1/18/14 - end time

      by , 01-18-2014 at 07:18 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in my moms car, my sister is in the front passengers seat. We're driving somewhere and it's nighttime. I look out at the sky it's cloudless and dark, but all the stars are formed into evil shaped constellations, my mom and sister obviously panicked ask what's happening. I tell that I read this on the internet just before hand, that the holy spirit left the earth because it's almost time, so only the evil ones of another dimensions are here on earth with, we'd have to bear it until time. I see satanic symbolism in the stars. And then we get home and I contemplate whether or not to look up the stuff I supposedly read from before.
    9. 8/14/13 - Megalodon ass sharks

      by , 08-15-2013 at 01:10 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in the water, it looks like the ocean and the water is so dark, it's like I just fell in from a ship wreck or something, I'm not the only one down here. There is someone way below me sinking and not even trying to swim, and then there are a few people above me trying to swim to the surface. I' trying hard to get to the surface as well but I can't swim well, I keep looking below me and I see this huge ship that is wrecked down there but I can't see its entirety because it goes to deep and gets dark. I see that person fall into a hole in the ship and fade into the darkness, and as I'm staring I see something emerging from the depths, it's a huge fucking massive Megalodon, and I wig out and frantically thrash my body trying to get away, but the shark grabs hold of my entire left arm, and as this happens I am watching it happen to me from above and I watch the shark violently shake its head like a dog does when it has a toy, and then it takes me down into the big hole in the ship wreck. Then my perspective finally gets to the surface, and I see the other people floating and panicking and some of them are mourning me and that other person. It's horrifying here on the surface just as well as below. Up here the water is so black and I can't see anything below me, then suddenly my body comes to the surface thrashing and my perspective goes back into my body. I'm secretive about the fact that The shark ripped my left arm off, I put the arm into my wet suits sleeve so I could hopefully get out of here and have reattached or something. The we are trying to climb up these rocks, we keep seeing shark fins emerge from the water and speed towards us and the mouth with encompass us but the rock stop them so they release and swim off. This happens about ten times until I see the selective exit, it's like a game show, we have to swim in the water to the tarp tunnel that goes vertically into the air so we can hopefully climb out before a shark gets us. The show host hates me, but he thinks I'm already dead from what happened to me earlier. I decide I need to swim NOW, so I jump in and it fells so horrible, it feels like the sharks are right under me, like I will die any moment, then I swim under water a little bit to enter the tarp, there's this elastic netting rope, I get the trick right away, you have to pull then you fly up a bit, then grab higher up while airborne then repeat until at the top and I can get a good grasp of the walls, then I climb up and through a sliver of a hole, and the host greats me at the entrance and he's sitting on a chair to rude to get up, then he realizes it's me when I unzip the hood of the wet suit off me and I ran through the building to get to a hospital, as I can hear the man ordering people after me.
    10. 8/11/13 - big spiders/perv/jacuzzi

      by , 08-11-2013 at 09:28 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in the backyard of my childhood house, I for some reason decide to hop the fence so I do, I land into a backyard that is between my backyard and the people who live behind us's backyard. It's pretty small, there is nothing but dead grass and a jacuzzi in the right corner. I try to get back over the fence but I can't for some reason, so I decide to get into the jacuzzi, it feels nice, but I get the urge to look to my left and there I see some dude looking through a window at me, he quickly retracts his head and I see his curtains fly back in place because he was caught I look back straight, then I look back to the window and he's looking again and he tries to hide again but is not fast enough, so this time I just stare at the window, then he gets a chair and sits down on it with a cup of something that he's is drinking and acts like he's not looking over at the jacuzzi. So I get annoyed with that fucker so I get out of the jacuzzi and look for a way to get back over the fence, I'm sure my sister is looking for me by now, which she is I can hear her. Then I see this gigantic huge fucking tarantula climb up over the fence where I had, and I expect it to crawl down the side of the fence but it doesn't, it walks out into the air, I change my angle, and then I see it, a huge giant web canopied over this little backyard, I'm shocked that I don't get caught in the web when I jumped over. Then I realize there is another tarantula asleep on the web that I didn't see before, then the awake one walk off over another fence. I look around for something, anything that could help me and I see this flame thrower leaned up against the fence behind the jacuzzi so I run and get it and I blow the web and the sleeping spider to flames and the the fire quickly goes out. I want to get out quick before the other spider comes back and see's what i have done, then I see my sister climbing over the fence, I yell "no!" as she does this but its too late, she's over the fence, so we chill in the jacuzzi for a bit as we decide how we get over the fence and I tell her about the spiders and the web and how I somehow avoided the web.
    11. 8/9/13 - egyption shit going down

      by , 08-09-2013 at 08:28 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I am walking with my sister at night in this populated area, the ground is red brick and theres a large clearing of this surrounded by restaurants, a water fountain and shops. Suddenly something sucks me into the air, and I am put gently on this thing on the side of a building just in front of where we were walking, it's a sarcophagus of some sort. I realize that my clothes have been changed, I'm wearing egyption shit. I also find significance that the sarcophagus is rubbery feeling at top which I feel means it will be opened soon or used soon and this frightens me so I try to walk on it as carefully as possible, I walk forward and lean over the edge and yell for my sister. She yells to me what had happened? I tell her I don't know and that I will try to get down, but then suddenly my sister screams and points at this thing that appeared just above and in front of me. It is what appears to be a flying man with this black head piece over his head, looks like a falcon head almost. I freak out and try to back up on the thing but he comes at me and I don't know how to explain it I knew he was going to get me so I jumped off the edge knowing he wouldn't let me splat, but I just wanted to say goodbye to my sister for the last time. It's like I knew and then I floated into the air and then the guy carried me off way into the air and then back on top that thing I was on but it has changed a little bit, it is longer and more people are on it dressed like egyptions, we are lined up at the edge performing some sort of ritual, Then I suddenly seem to snap out of this trance and realize I don't want this fait, so I run to the edge of this sensitive structure and grab onto it and everybody slides to where I made it collapse a little, most of them get angry with me and tell me to stop now, but some of the girls have broken out of the spell from this and we line up again and we do it again but its more effective because more people and the thing begins to collapse, the falcon guy becomes enraged, and all the girls and I are awake and we run up the collapsing thing and make it to the solid roof of a building and then the thing crashes to the ground. Then the guy flies after us, and we race over top buildings and I run fast then leap as far as I can to the next building, it seems some of us don't make it and we turn on each other trying to make it, but some of us are pulling for each other. I make it to the last building then climb down and hide in all this tall green plants and bushes and trees.
    12. 8/8/13 - oi

      by , 08-08-2013 at 08:24 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm just standing in the kitchen faced the window, my sister is in the living room sitting on the recliner watching the television, when suddenly my mom appears beside me, she looks like she's trying to hide something, I joke around with her an nudge her but when I do she groans and says something is stuck in her throat, I roll my eyes thinking she is over exaggerating like usual or it's just a piece of ice that will melt as usual. But she continues to complain in panic so I begin to panic and take her seriously, she opens her mouth and tells my sister to look who by now has walked over to see why my mom was wigging. My sister says it's a tongue piercing, and then my mom walks over to the sink with a nervous caught smile. I ask her why the fuck she got her tongue pierced, and she wouldn't tell me. Then she realizes it's her tongue, it's swollen so she takes the barbell out of her tongue, and walks away to fake do something, I later tell her she'd better put the barbell back in if she doesn't want the hole to shut, she panics at this revelation and starts unscrewing the jewelry to put it in, I tell her to put the unthreaded one in so it won't irritate her fresh wound but she ignores my instruction, and I can tell she is having difficulties getting the jewelry in, she pushes on it very hard and I hear a loud pop noise, and she makes a loud cry of pain but continues, I examine what the noise was and realize she has a knife trying to assist her and that at first I thought she cut off a bit of her neck, but I realize she chopped off her whole ear. I yell to that she's chopped her entire ear off, she drops what she was doing and all three of us begin to panic, I yell to my sister to get some ice as I am getting small plastic bags, then my mom chopped both her pointers fingers off for no fucking reason as though oh well she already lost her ear, so I'm trying to put enough ice in three bags to put her ear and fingers in so we can take them to a hospital, but the ice keeps melting, especially in the ear bag, now they're rushing me and waiting at the door but I feel compelled to get every last bit of ice out of the freezer, and I do then we run out side, but I run back to my room real quick to grab proper pants so I don't go in lounge pants, and I'm just as annoyed as they that I am wasting time, but I finally run to the car and we drive down the main road of our city and I tell her that we should go to that dinky hospital that is just a little ways from here and that if they don't have the resources I'm sure an ambulance can take her to the big hospital that's city away, and suddenly my mom starts to drive in a dirt field to cut off a corner, and I hope there's no cops, but as we near the other street I see a cop but they didn't see us, then I see another cop and she too didn't see us, and then multiple cops drive by and we somehow avoid them all until the last cop swerves onto our side of the street and crashes into us head on.
    13. 8/7/13 - missiles

      by , 08-07-2013 at 10:16 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me and my family are at my childhood home, and the new owners must be on vacation or something, I beg our my mom to let us move back here, we're walking throughout the house, and we have the garage door open, just walking around and reminiscing. Then suddenly I get a weird feeling, so I walk out of the garage a little ways and around to were we used to roll the trash cans and I see many thin white slivers in the sky, soooo many, I begin to panic, my family asks me what are those, I tell them they're heat seeking missiles and that it looks as though they are being sent somewhere far, but then I swallow my words when I see all the missiles that are moving slow and shark like begin to stop and turn slowly back and forth as though they are searching out heated targets on the homeland, I see one way from above has spotted me and my family and it goes into great speed at us but we run out of the way just in time and we went into our house and they all huddled together, I told them urgently to separate to different parts of the house because that would make one big ball of heat, then I ran to the refrigerator and opened the freezer hoping to find ice and ice packs so we can cool our body temperature but everything in the freezer was melted, then next thing I know there's a missile slowly scanning through the house, so I lead it the the left side of the house where non of my family is, and i see the missile scanning and finding me then I'd quickly run to another place,, and the missile would scan and find me again, then finally it flew at me and I jumped out of the window, and it exploded and caught fire. I jumped up and ran to go back into the house to check on my family, but somehow I accidentally went into my neighbors house, their house is huge three or four stories, I see the family hugging and I run up to them and apologize for coming in the house but a missile exploded in mine, they say it's fine and hope my family well, but then a boy walks up to me and asks me what is going on outside, I tell him they're sent the missiles on their own people and as I'm telling the boy this his father enters with many body guards, he knows who i am somehow, he calls the boy over to ask him what I've told him, then I run up the stairs and suddenly a friend is with me, we keep running up but now it turns the opposite way but still up but it's an escalator and we;re going up the down one and not the up one but we make it a floor up anyways. We feel we are being pursued by that man but we know we are safe from the missiles as he would not blow up his own house surely. Finally we go up to the last floor, there's book in the middle on shelf's, we feel he's on our tail, so we see what looks like more stair cases to the side of the wall ans jump through the hand-bars only to land on tracks and we realize it's some sort of train and we want to catch it so we climb back up and a train passes by without stopping at top speed, then we see that you have to pay quarters through this machine, then we see the next one stop and that man is on it, so we run around the room and see doorways that you cant see into because of the white paper streamer like things hanging down, they are fluttering as if it cold in there so we enter, their blue plastic paper stapled to the walls and it's a restroom, there's this woman washing her hands, then there's this big cold water fountain thing and my friend grabs a cup and collects water and drinks it, i put my hands in and cup water and splash my face wet, then when we look up all the people are pissed at us so we go through the bathroom more to another door way back into the floor, through this doorway there are three booths for radio station people and at one of them are little girls chanting something and I think wow that must get annoying and i look at the radio guy and he looks frustrated. We continue through and get to this souvenir shop with crappy toys, a girl is there and tells the worker girl that she doesn't have enough money, then the worker says its fine and to take it, then my friend picks up stuff, a mask and glasses, and says she doesn't have money and the worker says that its fine and just to take it, I then ask the worker why she is giving away everything wont she get in trouble, the the worker says she lost the money from before anyways, so I tell her I will buy stuff and I will pay for it, I spend a long time picking out the best tech-deck and wheels and carry case for it all and my friend shows up to rush me so I hurry up and pay the girl for my, my friends, that first girl and the money she lost and then we run down all the stairs and escalators, but the nice people down stairs are gone and it is much more empty than I recall and i am worried about that.
    14. 8/5/13 - walking

      by , 08-05-2013 at 10:13 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm on some unfamiliar street, and I want to get home before all the night people come out because it's almost sunset. I have this map, and I'm discussing with a body-less voice the best route to go, the short one is on a public street and I find that unappealing, but the back way would take far longer, the voice urges I go the short way but i just walk on thinking i will decide when I get to the two ways. I get to the two roads, and suddenly all these people start coming out of no where walking towards me and passed me to go to their homes. I turn to the right which is the short way without thinking, and theirs a lot of people, even more, and some of them walk towards me when they could of perfectly walked around, then I see my dad standing across the street through the crowd and he has a mad look on his face, I start to run through the crowd hoping he won't catch up, but the crowd gets thick and slows me down, then I turn my head and he's right next to me and I flinch, then sudden;y I'm in this office with my dad and there's this other girl and she's talking to this woman at a desk about her embarrassing problems and her voice is so brittle and she's so nervous, I realize this woman is going to talk to me and my dad next, so I try I stare at the door planning to run out. To get the courage to get up, but then the girl is done talking to the woman behind the desk and gets up and opens the door to leave, so I panic and run passed her and I hear the woman at the desk yell something at me.
    15. 8/4/13 - decapitated head

      by , 08-04-2013 at 09:27 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in some guys house, there are three me here and they have this weird stringy stretching thing going on, I think to myself Ive walked into something weird but even so I am curious and get closer to see. There is this red headed man hooked up to the contraption, he seems as excited as the other men to see if their project works, the continue to struggle and pull at this machine, the finally I hear this loud snap noise, and the red headed man is now decapitated, and the other guys look happily surprised, I look at the head worried that that is house I will die in the hands of not these men who seem to be my friend, but others. I look at the head curiously amused at how the eyelids are still blinking, it frightens me, is he still conscious? does he feel pain? he is looking at me and smiling, one of his arms is attached to him still, it waves at us, and he picks up a coffee mug, and tries to drink it but fails, I can tell he's trying to speak, but he can't. I begin to wonder if this was their plan, is this a natural occurrence? or are they somehow keeping him alive?
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