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    Journeys through Spacetime

    Book of lucidity

    by , 11-06-2016 at 11:15 PM (295 Views)
    A small indian boy shows me a old dusty book. He opens it and presses his thumb strongly on my forehead. Light peels from my forehead and I am a grey void. I realise I am dreaming. I feel a warm sensation all over my body. Soon a dream forms. I am at the end of my bed. I look out the window and see what looks like the milky way, but inverted! I fly out the window, and swim through these clouds of gas. It is wonderful. I eventually 'wake' and thank the indian boy. Suddenly I panic that this book could be put to bad purposes and I tell the boy to make sure no one with bad intentions gets it. I spend the rest of the dream running away from the french gangster who wants the book.

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