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    Elusive Dream Guide

    by , 10-24-2016 at 12:44 AM (265 Views)
    I am lucid.
    I fly over a blue city river and descend on to the city. I am on an street and people start to stare at me. I realize I am floating. I quickly will myself invisible. The street has a mysterious dreamy orange tint. People behind stalls are selling bizarre objects. Along the buildings there is a gap where a staircase is. I wander up it. It spirals round and round and it starts to feel like it going to go on forever. However I reach the top. I am in a temple sort of area and there are pillars standing tall. I ask "Show me my dream guide?" Nothing happens. I prostrate my self. I say "Please!". I eventually say in desperation, "God!" I should add I am a militant atheist. The scene changes. I am flying over a forest. A warm male voice says "She is traversing these slopes. You may not see her now." I wake up.
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