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    Magical May Competition Night 3 - 3/05/18

    by , 05-04-2018 at 02:27 AM (1456 Views)
    Scarlet Rose

    I was sitting comfortably in a chair in the sitting room, when I noticed a rather strange thing happening at the window. AJ was sitting in another chair on his laptop, oblivious to my curiousity. A small yet distorted cat was tapping its head against the largest window. Fascinated, I rose from my chair to observe the animal in more detail. As I did this, I glanced at my hand, and I realized I was dreaming. I was filled with a sudden sense of urgency and impending doom, so I hastily prepared to fly through the window. As my hand permeated the glass substance, A yelled ‘What the !@#$ are you doing?’. Shocked by this sudden outburst, I halted my action and returned to the room. Frustrated, I attempted to demonstrate my ability to levitate, but I was thwarted when I fell backwards onto my backside. Extremely irritated now, I clicked my fingers and removed several objects from the room. Nonetheless, he was not convinced. Finally, I probed my mind into his brain, and distracted his perception towards his game on his laptop. Fortunately, this worked, but it was too late. I glanced through the window to sight a cream car pull up onto the lawn. Further inspection revealed the driver was a short policeman from maybe the 1950s, lacking the typical modern uniform. He stepped out of the car, but I knew he was not arresting me. Instead, I flew through the window, and met with him, and now his assistant, a corpulent man with combed-back hair, a polar opposite to his leader. Nonetheless, they both possessed a grim expression.
    I greeted them, and flew with them over leagues of countryside, to arrive at a magnificent red rose bush. However, once the resplendent yet macabre blossoms were clawed away, one could see a young woman’s mutilated corpse. Her flaxen hair was besmirched with scarlet as her azure eyes gazed unseeing.

    After the horrific scene, I was somewhat mentally disturbed, but I reaffirmed to myself that I was the detective. I flew on, and realized that the strange behaviour of the cat was intrinsically related to murder. With this thought in mind, I decided to visit a feline psychiatrist. However, I was denied entry, as the man had an exceptional phobia of policemen/detectives. Moderately irritated, I took the opportunity, to transform into a cat, whilst partitioning some of my body to a disturbed female cat owner. Although it may seem paradoxical to be two creatures at once, I was experiencing sight as the cat, whilst I controlled the owner remotely. Finally, after impatiently waiting in the reverberant stone waiting passage with towering ceilings, I could see the psychiatrist. He looked like he came from several centuries ago; he looked like Charles I. His assistant, a man similar to my mental depiction of Mr. Collins from Pride & Prejudice, after having a very strange conversation, notified ‘me’ that the insane psychiatrist was prepared to see me.

    In the cold chamber of an office, I imitated the cat’s behaviour, whilst my human part made some meaningless noises. The psychiatrist then proceeded to explain the symptoms. “This disease is contracted from riding an infected horse. Only from someone else’s horse, not one’s own”

    I suddenly recognized who the victim was. I cast myself back to a few days ago. I was in an unknown town in England, with some sort of festival taking place. One of the spectacles was the ‘bullet gallery’, where supposedly one could look at historical bullets in history. in personal DJ
    Now, they proceeded to complain of the poor quality of the gathering, and consequently, blamed me. Frustrated, I had ignored them.

    Now, in a vaguely sadistic mode, I transformed back to a detective.

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    1. MadMonkey's Avatar
      after having a very strange conversation, notified ‘me’ that the insane psychiatrist was prepared to see me.
      An insane psychiatrist, how ironic.
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    2. RelicWraith's Avatar
      Nicely done. You turned what should've been a nightmare into an exciting investigation gig.
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