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    Journeys through Spacetime


    by , 12-07-2016 at 10:08 PM (245 Views)
    I am in Fussen, Germany. Duplicates of Neuschwanstein Castle surround me. Why is my dreaming self so stupid and not realise how ridiculous it was. I then take plane trips all around the world. Eventually, I am loaded onto a rocket and lauched to a crowded space station. I feel I have special piority for room, but no body pays attention.

    A vague dream about being bullied...

    Oh, I have stopped the bizarre 'rituals'.
    A 'voice' in my head says I have do certain things in waking life to have a lucid, and the results are a blank head when waking up. I did not listen to it, and my dreams are back.

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